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Digital Communication enhancing Audi Factory Tour visits

Efficient Corporate Communication 
Audi Brussels is a definitive example of state-of-the-art automotive production. The company has invested over € 400 million to upgrade the factory where it builds its successful Audi A1 cars. Starting a few months ago, Audi Brussels has opened its doors for factory visits by schools, businesses, clubs … Read More »

Infiniti’s Immersive Sensory Experience

Infiniti Creates i-view, an Immersive Sensory Experience in European Showrooms

Infiniti was first established in North America as the luxury brand of Nissan, and over the last 20 years has carefully developed its brand ethos to capture the very essence of what it describes as “Modern Japanese Luxury.” Infiniti is now … Read More »

Audi’s Digital Showroom

Audi’s Digital Showroom - The largest car retail digital signage network

The slogan “Vorsprung durch Technik” means “leading through technology,” and it is intrinsically linked to the Audi brand. It signifies a corporate strategy devoted to setting new standards through the adoption and use of technology. This vision led Audi to decide … Read More »

Toyo Tires Retail TV Network

Toyo Tires and Dealers Tread Toward Retail TV Network

In 2005, after being offered advertising space on an existing digital signage network, Toyo Tire Canada Inc. realized that operating its own digital signage network presented a powerful opportunity.

Customer loyalty was a strong suit for the tire manufacture, but brand awareness proved … Read More »

Chekov Auto

Scala Drives Sales at Russian Car Dealership Chekhov Auto creates a multichannel digital signage network to educate customers, generate inquiries and increase sales conversion rates
Case study executive overview

Dismart, the first Scala Certified Partner in Russia, has created an innovative multi-channel customer-facing digital signage network for Chekhov Auto, an auto sales … Read More »

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