Executives need up-to-date facts and figures regarding corporate goals and KPIs. CxO Board lets C-level executives, directors and managers create easy-to-read displays showing all the measures critical to business success. The CxO Board tool becomes a business barometer that motivates and drives performance by…

  • Automatically pulling and organizing input from Salesforce.com and other sources
  • Displaying data from the whole organization, by district, department or by individual
  • Presenting compelling graphics in the boardroom or on individualized panels across a large organization
  • Offering intuitive drag-and-drop controls to make it easy to display your data exactly how you want to see it

“Busy executives face a daily challenge of getting to and digesting the business information that overloads their desktops and smart phones – with truly important data sometimes getting lost in the clutter. The Leading Indicators CxO Board addresses this issue by presenting essential data in a dynamic and bold way that commands attention, helping executives stay current with real-time information at a glance.” – Scala CEO Tom Nix

Drive performance by monitoring and managing sales, productivity, achievements as well as under performance, environmental factors and industry trends. Watch the short video below or contact us to find out more.

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