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Signal a Competitive Difference with Digital (hosted by Nation’s Restaurant News) – The quick-service restaurant segment is fiercely competitive. With thousands of units dotting the U.S. foodservice landscape and generating billions in revenue, QSR operators realize the importance of forging a competitive point of differ­ence in order to stand apart from their dining rivals and maintain customer counts.

Therefore, it’s critical that QSR op­erators incorporate both reliable and durable technology solutions that help them provide the highest level of service while also maintaining repeat business, both in-store and via their drive-thru facilities. One time-proven technology to help distance yourself from the competition is through deploying attractive and eye-catching menu signage and digital menu boards that offer high quality visual appeal.

Fighting Showrooming with Digital Technology (hosted by retailcustomerexperience.com) – More and more consumers are visiting a brick-and-mortar retailer to gather information about a product, talk to a salesperson and view a demonstration before heading home to order the product from an online retailer at a lower cost. Clearly, no retailer can stay in business by serving as a showroom for an online retailer. This white paper, explains how digital technology can be used by retailers to improve the customer experience and spur a buying decision.

4 Ways Digital Signage Can Help Manage Inventory (hosted by QSRweb.com) – With food costs being the largest expenditure that restaurant operators face, inventory management is critical to success. An often-overlooked feature of menu boards is the role they can play in managing inventory. This white paper, explains the following ways that digital menu boards help with inventory management.

  • Managing limited-time offers
  • Eliminating excess inventory
  • Handling out-of-stock items
  • Controlling menu mix

Feeding the Digital Signage Monster - Jeff Porter, Past President of SignChannel, Scala, explains the basic considerations of content creation for digital signage networks.

Analysis of Successful Digital Signage Networks – Digital Signage is a highly-effective tool you can use to Command Attention in your market. Read this white paper to learn how different industries are leveraging this powerful medium.

Digital Signage in a Printed Sign Universe - This document defines the various sources and workflows of in-store Visual Merchandising (VM) materials in the modern retail store. The retail system framework can be relied upon to provide a common data infrastructure for each VM technique. It should therefore not be necessary to create a new system infrastructure or “business silo” purely for Digital Signage.

Top 10 Rules for Digital Signage - As an aid to the new person looking to deploy a network of screens, the top list of things to consider.

Terrestrial vs. Multicast Distribution

Avoiding Image Burn In

Scala to Highlight 6 Unique Interactive Digital Retail Experiences at ISE 2016 
Solutions in Hall 8 Stand K275 connect online and in-store shopping using cutting edge digital communication

Sittard, NL, February 1st – Scala B.V.,...

Scala Introduces New Player for use with Chromebox and Joins Google for Work Partner Program
The player is stable, reliable and backed by Google’s secure environment

MALVERN, PA, USA (January 15, 2016) – Scala, Inc. today announces it is introducing...

Scala to Highlight Unique Interactive Digital Retail Experiences at NRF
Solutions in booth #909 connect online and in-store shopping and run on cutting-edge displays from LG Electronics

Malvern, PA, USA, January 14th – Scala, Inc.,...