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Fighting Showrooming with Digital Technology (hosted by retailcustomerexperience.com) – More and more consumers are visiting a brick-and-mortar retailer to gather information about a product, talk to a salesperson and view a demonstration before heading home to order the product from an online retailer at a lower cost. Clearly, no retailer can stay in business by serving as a showroom for an online retailer. This white paper, explains how digital technology can be used by retailers to improve the customer experience and spur a buying decision.

4 Ways Digital Signage Can Help Manage Inventory (hosted by QSRweb.com) – With food costs being the largest expenditure that restaurant operators face, inventory management is critical to success. An often-overlooked feature of menu boards is the role they can play in managing inventory. This white paper, explains the following ways that digital menu boards help with inventory management.

  • Managing limited-time offers
  • Eliminating excess inventory
  • Handling out-of-stock items
  • Controlling menu mix

Feeding the Digital Signage Monster - Jeff Porter, Past President of SignChannel, Scala, explains the basic considerations of content creation for digital signage networks.

Analysis of Successful Digital Signage Networks – Digital Signage is a highly-effective tool you can use to Command Attention in your market. Read this white paper to learn how different industries are leveraging this powerful medium.

Digital Signage in a Printed Sign Universe - This document defines the various sources and workflows of in-store Visual Merchandising (VM) materials in the modern retail store. The retail system framework can be relied upon to provide a common data infrastructure for each VM technique. It should therefore not be necessary to create a new system infrastructure or “business silo” purely for Digital Signage.

Top 10 Rules for Digital Signage - As an aid to the new person looking to deploy a network of screens, the top list of things to consider.

Terrestrial vs. Multicast Distribution

Avoiding Image Burn In

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