Release 5.1 is now available for download


We are very excited to announce that Scala 5 Release 5.1 is now available from

Scala 5 Release 5.1 adds several important new features and
modules, as well as performance improvements and fixes to various
issues. Some highlights include:

  • Scala 5 is now supported under Windows 7, and under
    Windows Server 2008 R2 (the matching server operating
  • New transition effects, and improvements in the Transitions
    panel including searching by name, recently use transitions,
    and a transition visualizer.
  • Improved playback audit reporting features for integration.
  • Reserve disk space feature on Players.
  • In templates, you can make sounds into data fields.
  • Support for displaying templated messages on IAdea media
  • Simplified pairing of IAdea media appliances.

For full details on all that's been improved, see


Peter & the Scala team

5 responses to “Release 5.1 is now available for download”

  1. Shyntas says:

    I would like to install the Scala 5.1 to Windows 7, if there is any way’s to do it? I know that is not support this. Maybe there are some way’s to install it, could you help me please on it.

    • Peter Cherna says:

      Scala 5 Release 5.1 is in fact supported under Windows 7. Run the installer and it should “just work”. If not, please try contacting technical support, if you have a maintenance plan.

  2. Robert Forsbom says:

    From where can i obtain the original install files for 5.1?
    One of our customers is running it on a old server and we would like to install it on a newer computer.

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