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Release 4.0.1 Content Manager and Playback Audit Parser are now available

Posted on February 19th, by Peter Cherna. 2 comments


I'm happy to say that Release 4.0.1 updaters are now available for Content Manager, and for the Playback Audit Parser.  Go to to download the latest.

Here are the changes:

  • Scala now provides a Content Manager Documentation installer
    that will install the current PDF User's Guide and Quick Start Guide in
    the correct folder for the links on the Content Manager home page.
  • The Content Manager File Uploader has improved
    connection handling, to avoid certain timeouts that could occur.
  • If you abort a broadcast, you are now asked "Are you sure?"
  • In the broadcast status list, you can now use Ctrl+Click
    to multi-select broadcasts, and abort several at once.
  • The Playback Audit parser now purges aged data from its
    database, according the the Max Database Age setting on the Properties
    page of a distribution server.
  • Improved logging of the activity of the Playback Audit parser.
  • For broadcast distributions, when you right-click on a broadcast
    on the Distribution screen and select Show Players, the
    Player Details dialog has new Confirmed Players and Unconfirmed
    tabs. These new tabs show players that have (and have not)
    acknowledged receipt of 100% of the broadcast.
  • The new minimum allowed version of the Java runtime is
    This fixes an incompatibility with earlier versions of the 1.6 Java
  • The installer was not correctly recognizing the installed
    version of the Java Runtime if it was (Java Version 6 Update
    10) or newer. Now fixed.
  • Preview Players work again. Generating plans for Preview Players
    was broken, and is now fixed.
  • If using MySQL as your database, you have to manually install
    the MySQL database connector file. Installing an update of Content
    Manager would end up deleting that hand-installed file during a cleanup
    phase. Now any hand-installed MySQL database connector files are
    preserved during installation / updating.
  • Fixed a problem where Content Manager could generate an invalid
    plan if a timeslot has its playlist deleted.
  • In Playlist Properties, when changing the No repeats
    option between percentage and number of items, the displayed
    values were not correctly remembered under Internet Explorer. Now
  • If a time trigger is supposed to run until the end of the day,
    it was stopping a minute early. Now fixed.
  • If you remove an automation schedule from a distribution server,
    then an "invalid argument" dialog box would pop up, if using Internet
    Explorer. Now fixed.
  • If the Administrator user creates a maintenance job, then later
    a different user with access-rights to the Maintenance area logs in,
    they were unable to view that job. Now fixed.
  • In the Media Distribution Monitor, hovering over a
    filename shows the full filename as a tooltip (useful if you have very
    long filenames that get truncated in the main display.)
  • Multiselecting several players, and changing their channel to
    "– No Channel –" would fail.
  • Changing the channel of a player does not cause the Synchronize
    button to become enabled.
  • Removed unused user role "Health Monitoring (Beta)".
  • The database connection chooser now refers to "Postgres 8.3.x".
  • If you have a very long metadata-name, the dialog box for
    editing the pick list values would be malformed. Now fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where the Playback Audit parser could lose one of
    its configuration files, and would need to be stopped / restarted to
  • The Playback Audit parser could generate an exception in its
    logs when the parser is started before it is configured. The exception
    was harmless but should be avoided rather than logged. Now fixed.
  • If a broadcast failed, the error information from the Broadcast
    Server was not always being displayed within the Content Manager
    screens. Now fixed.
  • If a broadcast-connected player has some media files deleted,
    Content Manager now is properly aware of that and shows the correct
    inventory. Also it will include these files in subsequent broadcasts.
  • Selecting and deselecting Media Items in a broadcast package is
    now much faster, especially when using Internet Explorer.
  • The broadcast dialog for sending a broadcast at a later
    date/time was sometimes scrolled out of view. Now fixed.
  • On the Distribution screen, if you select the Broadcasts
    tab or the Sync History tab, then the Synchronize Now
    button is no longer disabled.
  • If you try Force Synchronize All for a broadcast
    distribution server, you no longer get an error "Server UUID not set,
    cannot sync players for Broadcast."

Welcome to the Scala Software Releases blog

Posted on February 19th, by Peter Cherna. No Comments

Hi and welcome to the new Scala Software Releases blog.  Check here to keep up-to-date on all the updates we've released to Scala5.  You can subscribe knowing we'll only be posting release news here (on rare occasions, we may post an important software-related message).

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