Script Toolkits provide your Scala platform with additional functionality. The toolkits consist of script “building blocks” that you can program yourself or with the help of a technical resource. The “building blocks” allow you to build sophisticated applications without having to start from scratch. The Script Toolkits are provided “as-is” and may require further customization to meet your needs. If you need help configuring one of these Script Toolkits, please contact your authorized Scala Certified Partner for a quote.

How do I get these?
Ask your Scala Certified Partner to download them for you! (You’ll need to be on ‘Scala Maintenance’ to have access to these items. If you’re not currently up to date, your Scala Certified Partner will be happy to provide you with a quote)

Script Toolkits:

Displays standard RSS feeds in Scala, including photos and hyperlinks (displayed as QR Codes). It can play a set number of news items each time and remember where it left off. Includes several screen layouts to choose from.

Media RSS
Downloads and displays Media RSS feeds containing images, video or Flash. It can play a set number of news items each time and remember where it left off. Media is displayed full-screen, perfect for most image or video-based feed services. Files are cached locally on the player, and the template allows two messages per feed: one to download in the background and another to display the feed.

File Retriever
This is another method of retrieving Media RSS feeds. The difference from the Media RSS script is that File Retriever runs stand-alone or on the same PC as Content Manager. It uploads the media files to Content Manager and can even organize them by Playlist and Workgroup to easily add to your Channel.

Weather Underground
Displays weather conditions and forecast from Weather Underground ( The Player’s location is read from Player Metadata and can be specified as postal code, city, country, etc. Units can be Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Shows a variety of twitter feeds including user’s tweets, favorites, lists or #hashtag. Three optional layouts. Displays posted photos and hyperlinks (as QR Codes). Allows one Player to download the tweets and share with other Players (reduces network/API traffic).

Shows event schedules read from CSV, JSON, XML or XLSX. Each event has a start date, start time, end time, name, group and location. Only current and upcoming events for the current day are shown. Can also just show events for a single room. 12 or 24 hour time format. Note: This uses a generic schedule format. You may be able to get your existing system to export to this.

Basic examples of Event Trigger scripting including file-based and network-based triggers.