Panos1-webQuick service franchise Panos, which is part of the La Lorraine Bakery Group, needed to upgrade its digital signage system. With the help of Scala integrator SEPIA Digital, the QSR turned an existing signage system into a centralised signage network with possibilities to up and cross sell their offerings.  The aim of this digital signage project was to support the ongoing expansion of the Panos business in multiple market segments. The company needed signage that could deliver targeted communications to a variety of outlets of different natures including Panos City, Panos Petrol, Panos Rail, Panos Leisure.


Quick facts:

  • European quick service restaurant (QSR) Panos rolled out digital signage at 150 of its franchised restaurants across Belgium and the Netherlands
  • Scala Advanced Analytics helped Panos justify its investment in digital signage
  • Advanced Analytics proved that optimised digital signage provides positive ROI
  • Sales of beverage went up by more than 7%
  • Purchasing behavior can be measurably influenced via in-store digital marketing campaigns.
  • Seamless integration by Scala integrator SEPIA digital

Scala integrator SEPIA digital deployed 180 high performing digital screens in landscape mode at 150 of the 250 Panos franchise restaurants across Belgium and the Netherlands. Most locations have one screen, some locations have two screens. Those screens are driven by 150 players and run Scala content management software.
SEPIA digital devised an automated upgrade process for this project to help Panos save time and capitalise on existing computers and screen investments at each branch. This process not only enabled all 150 locations to easily upgrade existing hardware but also facilitated the roll-out of the Scala software in under two weeks.

Analytics and results
In this instance, the biggest challenge for Panos was justifying the cost of the upgraded digital signage to its franchisees and  to start using the signage network as a sales generating tool.



To help Panos demonstrate, measure and optimise the impact of its digital menu boards and to provide a quantitative measurement of its ROI, Scala Advanced Analytics measured the initial sales results and recommended interactive improvements to the digital in-store campaign. The outcome was that targeted signage increased sales of the beverage by more than 7%. 



The overall results led to the conclusion that the key to capturing the customer’s eye is the frequency at which a targeted message is run. It also highlighted that purchasing behavior can be measurably influenced by in-store digital marketing campaigns.

“Achieving a sales lift of more than 7% on soft drinks – a product group with a high profit margin – is a powerful testimony that even a single screen at each location can make a huge difference when optimised,” said Guy Van Ginderen, director of  SEPIA Digital.  “This quick service restaurant chain is now marketing to its franchisees the opportunity of going all digital – imagine the possible impact of that!”

Digital Signage to drive sales
This successful deployment by Panos illustrates how the Food & Beverage sector can use digital signage to drive sales and generate demonstrable results. By running sustained, targeted messaging campaigns on a network of digital screens across numerous locations, Panos is both modernising its customer interaction and opening up new revenue streams for its franchisees.

About Panos
Panos is part of the La Lorraine Bakery Group. Panos is the leading sandwich-chain in Belgium and the Netherlands where everybody can buy a broad range of bakery products which are freshly made at each location. For more information visit

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