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Whether your audience is in the clamor of the financial district floor or in local banks, updating to digital signage solutions accurately delivers and streamlines the information you display. In the financial world, where there’s time-sensitive information constantly updating, a stable digital platform is essential to keeping that information flowing.

Reinforce brand confidence and customer experience

Digital improves the experience across all touchpoints in finance – ATM screens personalized to a single user, self-service kiosks as well as large-scale video walls streaming financial news make an immediate impact. Digital signage can transform the personal banking experience by reducing perceived wait times while entertaining and informing, always staying relevant to the current audience’s financial needs, reinforcing confidence in your brand.

  • Display real-time information linking to internal data sources and live financial data feeds
  • Maximize profit through cross-selling and upselling, reduced operational costs
  • Generate, deploy and update content from a central location or allow for content to be updated to fit local banking conditions and audience
  • Encourage customer loyalty and attract new business with eye catching promotions and interactive displays
  • Tailor ATM screen content to a single user focus

Instantly updated data and information communication tailored to fit your audience’s needs

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Scala Digital Signage Possibilities

Quickly, confidently deploy your content with a rock solid, stable platform.
With the immediacy of information sharing in the financial world, customers expect messaging to be current, informing them of what’s happening in real time. The Scala platform provides a secure, user-friendly system for designing creative content that your customers can rely on.

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Through our years of worldwide experience in digital signage, we can give the best advice on the possibilities for your business. Scala has:

  • 30 years of experience
  • 500 partners globally
  • Presence in 100 countries
  • More than 500,000 active screens

Scala digital signage solutions can be found on ATM screens, video walls, touch screen kiosks and more in financial institutions throughout the world.

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