Quick Service Restaurants

Creating high-quality experiences with menu boards and beyond

Digital Menu Boards Solutions

  • Centrally manage corporate messaging and branding on thousands of screens or adjust content locally
  • Improve queue management and reduce perceived wait times with entertaining imagery, menu suggestions and integrated social media
  • Incorporate new technology such as beacons, order-ahead apps and self-ordering kiosks to streamline service and impress customers
  • Bolster operational efficiency by tying menu boards to POS and inventory management systems
  • Schedule content according to conditions such as time of day or season
  • Boost sales with enticing video of food being freshly prepared, suggesting add-on or higher-margin items, dynamically adding promotions and extending displays into the dining area
  • Adopt an agile messaging strategy by analyzing the success of screen content and rapidly optimizing at the point-of-decision

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Treat customers to a dining experience

Quick-service restaurants (QSRs) need to stand out from the ever-growing competition while delivering on the promise of high-quality food delivered without a long wait.

Incorporating a digital strategy allows QSR owners to impress customers with a modern restaurant feel using features such as dynamically displayed eye-catching imagery, beacon technology and social media and mobile app integration. Digital solutions are working hard behind the scenes while presenting a seamless, engaging experience to the customer.

Quickly optimize screen content

Quick-service also means the potential for customer friction is high – longer than expected wait times, sold out items on digital menu boards (DMBs) and printed posters, or ads showing items that aren’t appealing to the audience can cause your customer to go to the QSR down the street. Who wants to see a hot chocolate ad when it’s 80 degrees?

Digital allows you to analyze the success of small- or large-scale promotions or new product roll outs and optimize content to meet customer demand. An agile digital strategy is easily updated centrally or per location to make signage as effective and relevant as possible.

EAT 110 restaurants in the UK

Project and imagery courtesy of Beaver Group

Scala Digital Signage provides ultimate flexibility.
By using digital throughout the entire restaurant, you’re constantly engaging customers and reminding them why they chose to dine with you. Incorporating digital solutions such as DMBs, full-motion video, social media integration and more, you show customers that even though it’s “quick” service, you’re committed to treating them to a full dining experience.

Scala has digital signage and menu board projects with major global brands including Wendy’s, IKEA, Shell, McDonald’s, EAT, Panos and more.

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Scala has digital signage and menu board projects with major global QSRs and convenience stores including Wendy’s, IKEA, Shell, Krystal, EAT, Panos, Burger King, 7-Eleven and more.

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