It’s Simple: One System, One Solution for Every Out-of-Home Platform

Ad Manager is a complete advertising management solution for connected signage networks. It manages all aspects of out-of-home (OOH) media businesses including inventory control, scheduling, contracts, execution, and billing functions.

Regardless of media type (e.g. billboard, transit shelter, airport, mall, bus, digital signage), Scala Ad Manager delivers creative and flexible campaigns across multiple platforms and multiple markets using one contract and one system. It’s that simple.

Ad Manager

Ad Manager Key Features

Inventory Management for Traditional OOH Media – Tools needed to manage inventory, plan, create contracts, execute client campaigns, and provide proof-of-performance (POP) reports.

  • Know what is available and when
  • KPIs used to deliver greater insight into your business
  • Achieve higher rates through better targeting
  • Enter data in one centralized location, easily accessible by all departments
  • Lower your costs through efficiencies
  • Create and manage contracts throughout their life cycle from proposal to fulfillment to completion
  • Provide POP at campaign end dates for quicker payments
  • Identify upcoming milestones and uncompleted work easily
  • Avoid costly errors leading to credits
  • Improve communications and customer responsiveness

Digital Media – Fully integrated with Content Manager to manage hardware, playlists and scheduling for a digital signage network.

  • Manage static and digital media on the same contract and/or site
  • Automatically create playlists when scheduling in Ad Manager
  • Manage production and approve media
  • Link to media in Content Manager
  • Order and approve playlists
  • Sell by day-part
  • Checks for adjacency conflicts
  • Publish playlists directly to Content Manager
  • Report proof-of-play

Financial – An essential component of Ad Manager. Financial integrates with third-party accounting applications for timely, accurate billing and lease payments.

Billing Key Features
The Billing component is designed to make the creation of invoices in a secure environment easy.

  • Enter data once to reduce input time, errors, costs
  • Create multiple payment schedules – monthly, weekly, broadcast calendar
  • Creates one invoice for the client for each campaign, regardless of the markets and media types involved
  • Produce custom invoicing for non-contracted items
  • Generate multiple bills with each contract
  • Determine lease profitability through accurate revenue allocation
  • Customize invoice reports to adhere to company standards
  • Capture complete history for analysis and forecasting

Leasing Key Features
Managing your sites and structures can be a full-time job. With the support of Ad Manager Leasing functionality you control and analyze the data to maximize efficiency and profitability.

  • Multiple lessors on one lease
  • Create lease payments, regardless of type (fixed, percentage, CPI, etc.)
  • Create lease payment schedules in a variety of formats – monthly, quarterly, annually, semi-annually
  • Track utility payments for each site
  • Track and review multiple lease payment schedules
  • Auto-extend and renewal dates for each lease
  • Export leasing payment data to third-party accounting software

Document Management – Store and retrieve electronic copies of all corporate documents, lease agreements, contracts, creative images and more.

  • Store and retrieve any electronic copies – images, letters, contracts, lease agreements, etc.
  • Produce standardized completion reports with maps and photos
  • Generate photo sheets with maps and photos
  • Store multiple images in a variety of formats for each face and site
  • Generate and maintain image galleries with client creative

Advanced Mapping – Create professional, customized maps with targeted showings for eye-catching proposals.

  • Chart directly from a map
  • Apply face and/or demographic data themes
  • Search and book by demographic or proximity
  • Show clients how to reach their target audience
  • Generate and maintain client location libraries
  • Display proximity areas around client locations
  • Command higher rates through targeting

Maintenance – A valuable operations tool to record, schedule, and track maintenance of all sites, structures and faces.

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Create single or multiple item work orders
  • Identify, address and prioritize maintenance tasks
  • Define maintenance cycles and routine check routes
  • Download/upload maintenance tasks to a hand-held unit
  • Conveniently upload completed postings with proof-of-performance photos
  • Track structure positions across your plant
  • Track maintenance costs for the true P&L of a site

Ad Manager Additional Modules
Scala Ad Manager additional modules are optional pieces of software that can be purchased to add specific functionality. These modules are sold separately.

e-Ad Manager – The engine needed to view real-time Ad Manager data via the Internet.

Proposal Generator – A powerful custom sales tool that uses Ad Manager data and MS Excel to automate the steps necessary for generating timely and accurate proposals.

SAMI – (Satellite Automated Media Information) an industry first for truckside advertising delivering credibility through audience measurement and tracking.