Your player is more than just a tool to share out content—it’s the final piece to your digital signage solution. There are many options available, each with different strengths and features for different situations. Deciding on a player begins with one simple question:

What do you want to achieve?

Your business goals will determine which player is right for you.

Digital Signage Android PlayerAndroid Player Hardware

The Scala Player runs on specific Android-powered media player hardware and photo-frame hardware from a select set of vendors.

Playback Functionality

  • Images
  • Video (Limits exist)
  • HTML5 content (Interactive support)
  • Screen zones (device specific)
  • Scala Messages
  • Flash and Scala Script not supported

IAdea Digital Signage Media PlayerIAdea Players via IAdea Bridge Server

  • IAdea Devices have several additional functions that are not supported via the Android License.
  • Requires the installation of the IAdea Bridge Server*
  • Recommended max 500 devices per Bridge Server

* Although it is possible for the IAdea  Bridge Server to reside on the same server as Scala Enterprise Content Manager it is generally recommended that the IAdea Bridge Server be installed on its own server for optimal performance and scalability.

Mid-Range-PC Digital Signage PlayerHigh End PC Digital Signage PlayerScala Enterprise – Scala Players

  • Endless Possibilities
  • Wide range of Scala Certified PC Players
  • Most use a Scala Created Image for maximum stability and compatibility

Things to consider before deciding

  • What features / functionality are mission critical vs. non-mission critical for your project?
  • Location, Location, Location!
  • Do you prefer an all-in-one solution or a separate screen and player solution?
  • What are your needs for size, resolution and screen configuration?
  • How many channels will you need to support?
  • How many zones/frames?
  • Local integration
  • Interactive or Passive
  • Content, Content, Content! What type of media will you be using?
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