The Scala solution is infinitely scalable and can adapt and grow with your company to meet your changing signage needs as well as changes in technology.

  • Power anything from one screen to a global network of thousands
  • Scala is hardware agnostic and can control any type of display from any manufacturer
  • Connect multiple different types of screens into the same network at the same time
  • Easily add or upgrade screens, without starting from scratch or running out of capacity
  • Scala’s solution is sophisticated and can grow and expand with the latest technology as well as your changing needs
  • Allow additional people to create content and control displays as your network grows

“At first I was a little afraid Scala was too complicated, looking at the wide range of functionalities available in Scala Content Manager. I wanted something simple and reliable. However, when I started working with Scala, everything became clearer and I understood that all the available functionalities are there to give us more flexibility, especially for scheduling activities. And any time now, when I have a new particular requirement, I discover it’s already present in Scala, ready to be used.”
– Guglielmo Cirillo, Product Manager Advertising, Gesac Gestione Servizi Aeroporti