Intelligent, adaptable system at the decision point

One of the biggest keys to the power of digital signage communicating on the network using multiple data sources, including your point-of-sale (POS) systems. The result is a POS signage solution that is incredibly intelligent and can quickly adapt to continuously changing needs and audiences.


  • Make your messages influence customers’ behavior as well as adjust based on predictive analyses and your own established goals
  • Link your signage solution with your POS systems and Scala Advanced Analytics to measure the effectiveness of your communication ensuring smarter decisions, problem resolution and improved results
  • Remotely manage constant updates of in-store promotions and communication that can be customized completely with simple templates and content tools
  • Change your messages automatically by location on an unlimited number of devices and screens
  • Retrieve product prices directly from the POS system so that updates occur immediately and automatically
  • Add kiosks so that customers can place immediate orders as well as check the availability of a product in your store or at a different location
  • Use digital signage in a fitting room to show buyers alternatives and promote the purchase of accessories
  • Update displays and change promotions automatically as the inventory changes or is no longer available
  • Change messages automatically based on the time of day, season or the demographics of the person who is viewing at that time
  • Consider a wide range of other solutions such as beacons, QR codes and interactive/touch technology to involve customers at the POS