Retail Media Ad Spend

…is set to reach €25 billion in Europe by 2026 with in-store activation a powerful piece of the media mix. Discover how from in-store screens to streaming to beyond, Retail Media is creating new revenue opportunities for retailers while transforming marketing insight and advertising impact for brands.

In the first European event of its kind, Retail Technology Show and Scala are partnering to present a full day dedicated to in-store media networks. Featuring influential guest speakers, What’s in Store for Retail Media Networks will take a deep dive into how retail media data and integrated technology will revolutionise in-store revenue opportunities.


What To

A day-long event centered on the emerging in-store retail media ecosystem, The day is built to cover the key questions, themes, challenges and solutions including:
  • Commerce Media: a Paradigm Shift for Retailers, Brands, and Shoppers

  • In-Store Retail Media Measurement: Premiere of the New IAB Playbook

  • Cracking In Store Media Experiences: Leveraging Context, Consideration and Creativity Around the World

  • Leveraging Loyalty in a Cookieless Era

  • Advanced Retail Media Measurement: Unlocking the Investment Barrier for Brands

  • Closing the in-Store Media Supply & Demand Gap Between Retailers and Brands

  • Clickstream Data for the Store: Full Funnel Attribution

  • Insights on the Sentient Store: Store as Media, Shopper as Audience

Featured Speakers

More Speakers to be Announced

Diana Abebrese

Global Retail Media Lead, EPAM Systems

Brogan Anderson

Head of Digital Content, Retail Media & E-Commerce Activations, Coty

Nick Ashley

Client Development Director, Tesco Media and Insight Platform

Chuck Billups

Senior Vice President Retail Media, PRN

Jeffrey Bustos

VP, MAD+Commerce, IAB

Kevin Carbone

Chief Executive Officer, Scala

Quentin George

Commerce Media Practice Lead, McKinsey & Company

Darren Groucutt

RX Creative Director, VCCP

Ana Guerra

Retail Media & eCommerce Marketing Manager for EU, Colgate-Palmolive

Bianca Hall

Senior Insight Director, SMG

Dean Harris

Head of Co-op Media Network

Vanessa Henry

Research Director ‑ Shopper, Walnut Unlimited

Samuel Knights


Colin Lewis

Director Retail Media Works

Georgia Martin

Partnership Director at Boots Media Group

Erin Maxwell

Principal, Retail & Tech Practices, BCG

Ben Reynolds

Vice President Business Development, Walkbase

Chris Riegel


Katrina Smart

Commerce Media Director, Europe, The Mars Agency

Katie Streeter Hurle

Chief Strategy Officer, SMG

Bryan Roberts

Retail Futures Senior Partner, IGD

Stephanie Taylor

Head of Omni-Media & Partnerships, Boots UK

Naomi Yonge

Data Science Manager, LiveRamp

Full Agenda

Doors Open and Mixer

Refreshments are served

9:00 - 9:30 am

Welcome from Retail Technology Show

Matt Bradley Director & Founder - Retail Technology Show

9:30 - 9:40

Welcome from Scala

Chris Riegel CEO & Founder - Stratacache, Chairman - Scala

9:40 - 9:50

Commerce Media - A Paradigm Shift for Retailers, Brands and Shoppers

Quentin George, Commerce Media Practice Lead - McKinsey & Company

9:50 - 10:20

Commerce Media has the potential to generate over $1.3 trillion of enterprise value. This tectonic adjustment will alter the landscape of retailer and brand marketplaces, disrupting relationships while forging new methods of measurement and best practice. Quentin George, Commerce Media Practice Lead – McKinsey & Company, Leader: Commerce Media Practice discusses the impact of Retail Media Networks and opportunities presented by RMN’s and the in-store media channel.

Focusing on the stakes to the entire retail enterprise, and clarifying the risks of falling behind, Quentin’s presentation will explore the practical and tactical considerations for in-store RMN’s in the UK – the three to five year UK forecast for growth of the networks along with insights on in-store engagement and media strategies gleaned from McKinsey’s proprietary worldwide consumer panel.

In Store Retail Media Measurement – The New IAB Playbook

Jeffrey Bustos VP, MAD+Commerce - IAB

10:20 - 10:40

Jeffrey Bustos gives an exclusive UK sneak peek of the soon to be released IAB Playbook of in-store measurement best practices. Using in-store measurement standards derived from thousands of data points from across US retailers, the IAB playbook is set to become an industry standard as well as a comprehensive guide to assess, grow and optimise in-store activations.

Including a brief summarisation of:
Chapter 1: Merchandising, Trade, and the Integration of Digital Technologies
Chapter 2: Organisational and Joint Business Partnership Considerations
Chapter 3: Consumer-Centric Strategies in Retail Media
Chapter 4: Advanced Measurement & Optimisation
Chapter 5: Technology and Activation Platform Overview

Advanced Retail Media Measurement – Unlocking the Investment Barrier for Brands

Jeffrey Bustos VP, MAD+Commerce - IAB
Ana Guerra Retail Media & eCommerce Marketing Manager for EU - Colgate-Palmolive
Dean Harris Head of Co-op Media Network
Katie Streeter Hurle Chief Strategy Officer - SMG

10:40 - 11:10

Brands need to see how offline, onsite, and in-store channels work together in a campaign to drive sales. Measuring omnichannel campaign performance is not easy, but it is possible with retailer first-party data that will unlock deep learnings. Exploring the progress that has been made with measurement across the total market, the panel, featuring the voice of retail, brand and agency, will summarise the steps that have been taken to date and recommend further work to be done.

Morning Break

11:10 - 11:40

Cracking In-Store Media Experiences – Leveraging Context, Consideration and Creativity Around the World

Colin Lewis Director - Retail Media Works
Darren Groucutt RX Creative Director - VCCP
Vanessa Henry Research Director - Shopper - Walnut Unlimited

11:40 - 12:20

From brand takeovers, in-store events, and innovative store-based approaches to loyalty, retailers around the world are using in-store experience in new ways to extract more revenue out of their entire retail enterprise. Colin Lewis explores the topic, showing how some retailers approach in-store media via creative technologies, innovative approaches to merchandising as well as on-site experiences, and events.

Can all of these tactics be part of an RMN?  How can the store be maximised to deliver more value to the shopper, increasing revenue,  sales? In the second part of the session, settle in for a panel discussion with retail innovators. The group will discuss how to take the learnings from these regional innovations and extract a set of principles and best practices that UK retailers can apply as they super-charge their in-store media strategy.

Insights on the Sentient Store: The Store As Media, The Shopper As Audience

Chris Riegel CEO and Founder - STRATACACHE

12:20 - 12:50

Estimates place the number of retail media networks worldwide at over 200. Retailers have been successful in delivering incremental RMN revenue from their websites and their mobile apps, but they have been missing out on monetising the largest of all audiences — in-store shopper traffic. With retailers doubling down on extending their RMNs into the store, we’re rapidly heading into “The Golden Age of Retail Media,” an era in which the store is the new TV, and in-store audiences exceed those of major broadcast networks.

Chris Riegel will deliver insights about how in-store media is poised to accelerate, its similarities to other media, and how it is radically different – and more powerful (hint, in store media is not destination content, nor is it DOOH; the store is a distinct mission-based space well-understood by merchants). The session will focus on the insights that can be collected in-store, and how that in-store data can be monetised across channels. It will explore economical approaches to scaling networks, maximising ROI, and increasing the overall enterprise value of a retailer’s most critical asset: their physical store.


12:50 - 2:30

Closing the In-Store Retail Media Buyer and Seller Expectation Gap - Creating the In-Store Media Framework that Retailers and Brands Require

Diana Abebrese, Global Retail Media Lead - EPAM Systems
Katrina Smart, Commerce Media Director, Europe- The Mars Agency
Chuck Billups, Senior Vice President Retail Media - PRN

2:30 - 3:00

According to many recent studies, brands are bullish to accelerate advertising investments in retail media in the store. Yet in-store options remain pervasively underdeveloped in terms of options and revenue when compared to retail digital media. What are the pain points that are causing this disconnect between supply and demand for in-store retail media buyers? With supporting information and engaging the dialogue, the panelists will explore the following questions:

  • Where are we now? Using The Retail Media Report Card with a special focus on UK in-store retail media opportunities.
  • What do media buyers need to expand commitments to in-store and how does that transform distinctions between brand and trade funding?
  • How will retailers need to transform products and organisations to expand in-store retail media buying?
  • What is the role of programmatic and standardisation in driving increased funding commitment?
  • What is the future state framework approach to buying and selling in-store Retail Media?

Title of session tbc

Bryan Roberts, Retail Futures Senior Partner - IGD
Nick Ashley, Client Development Director - Tesco Media and Insight Platform

3:00 - 3:30

Details coming soon

Afternoon Break

3:30 - 3:50

Delivering Clickstream Data for the Physical Store – Extending Monetisation Across all Retail Channels Based on In-Store Behavioural Data

Ben Reynolds, Vice President Business Development - Walkbase
Bianca Hall, Senior Insight Director - SMG
Naomi Yonge, Data Science Manager - LiveRamp

3:50 - 4:30

What privacy-compliant tools exist for marketers to reach shoppers who visited store areas and didn’t convert? How can in-store content be curated based on in-store behaviour? How will in-store behaviour be tied to online behaviour to allow for full engagement across the entire shopping journey?

These capabilities are the holy grail of in-store engagement and network monetisation. This session breaks down how, as retailers expand in-store, they will be able leverage next-generation, non-invasive technologies that allow them to add in-store behaviour to their customer data platforms, enabling more efficient digital activation across all channels.

Leveraging Loyalty in a Cookieless Era

Erin Maxwell, Principal, Retail & Tech Practices - BCG
Sam Knights, CEO - SMG
Stephanie Taylor, Head of Omni Media & Partnerships - Boots UK
Georgia Martin, Partnership Director - Boots Media Group
Brogan Anderson, Head of Digital Content, Retail Media & E-Commerce Activations - Coty

4:30 - 5:00

In an era without third-party cookies, the value of retailer first-party data via loyalty programmes is skyrocketing.

Our panel, featuring leaders from SMG, Boston Consulting Group, and Boots, will explore how brands and retailers are evolving their loyalty data strategies. We’ll cover how companies like Boots are innovating within this space, using loyalty data to enhance customer and brand experiences through targeted, multi-channel approaches. The session will also offer insights into differentiating loyalty programmes in a crowded market and provide practical advice for those looking to leverage retail media and first-party data effectively. Join us to navigate the evolving landscape of loyalty and data in retail, enhancing both consumer engagement and brand partnerships.


Kevin Carbone Chief Executive Officer - Scala
Jonathan Rosen SVP, Content, Strategy & Consumer Experience - PRN

5:00 - 5:20

Closing Remarks

Chris Riegel CEO and Founder - STRATACACHE

5:20 - 5:30

Drinks Reception


Key Topics

Content & Experience: Optimising touchpoints along the in-store shopper journey

Measurement, Technology & Sensors: In-store technologies and measuring ROI

Sales & Monetisation : Total in-store media value and monetisation strategies