New Ticketing System Allows Flexibility in Promotions

In Philadelphia, PA, The Franklin Institute, the premier Philadelphia Science Museum, has introduced a digital ticketing system. A versatile and stunning display of 5 – 55in full HD screens has been installed at the Museum’s ticketing entrance. These screens display various information such as ticket prices, current or upcoming exhibits, show and tour group times, and video trailers.

The Franklin Institute’s previous static signage for ticketing and promotions was becoming cumbersome and expensive. With their new digital signage, The Franklin Institute has increased flexibility in changing ticketing prices as well as decreased the time it takes to make these updates. The new displays enable more eye-catching advertising content that reduces perceived wait time for those in line to buy tickets. Working with Scala Certified Partner, Applied Video Technology (AVT), The Franklin Institute chose Scala software for their digital signage needs.

Quick Facts

  • Converted static ticketing boards into a versatile medium for promotion and advertising
  • Leveraged Scala ability to integrate with popular design tools
  • Lowered cost of print materials
  • Flexible promotional and price changes
  • Reduced perceived wait time for guests waiting to buy tickets

Why Scala?

“Scala was chosen by The Franklin Institute because of incredible graphic power, the ability to interface with the Adobe Suite and the powerful schedule control built into Scala’s Content Manager” says Bruce MacLelland Jr., from AVT. The ability of Scala Designer to add motion graphics to pre designed Adobe Suite content optimizes the creative workflow. Scala’s Content Manager allows the The Franklin Institute to easily plan and sync promotional content with upcoming events, enabling them to maximize the exposure of upcoming feature exhibits and other events such as IMAX theater showtimes, while keeping content fresh and timely.

“In late 2011, when we decided to convert our traditionally printed ticketing signage into a multi-screen digital sign, AVT was quickly on board. AVT worked with us throughout the planning process, offering the option of a tiled media “wall” that would be installed as consecutive media screens that run off of one player. They assisted with the specification of low bezel monitors to create a virtually seamless digital display. Beyond the specification, in March of 2012, the AVT team worked on-site to build the overhead monitor support structure and install the screens, connections and player until operational. The installers also accommodated us by working off hours in an effort to not negatively impact our visitors’ ticketing experience.” says Jeanne Maier, Director of Design, The Franklin Institute.

“This new ticketing signage system now gives us the opportunity to cycle through imagery for our films and special exhibitions so that visitors can see the full breadth of our museum offerings. The screens also showcase visitor friendly ‘package pricing’ that shift to discounted evening or special event pricing through the pre-programmed content management system. Our investment in the new signage has saved on both labor and materials for producing printed signs. The digital signs have also uncomplicated the offerings for our visitors now that the pricing is tailored to show only those museum experiences that are available during the time of day of their visit.” says Maier.