Scala’s focus has always been on offering the best software and support to our Partners and End-Users. We recognize the importance of our solutions being compatible, stable and efficient on our many hardware platform options (Servers, Players).

As such, Scala has developed through the years a program called “Scala Platform Program” in which we work closely with Media Player Hardware Vendors to help our SCP deliver stable, efficient, total solutions in a shorter time and if possible, at a smaller cost.

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1: What is a Scala Certified Media Player ?
A Scala Certified Media Player is a Player device that has passed 3 tests

Part 1 : Acceptance of Product
*** 1st phase to certify a product. It may happen that the Hardware partner will modify their design several times to pass this***
Different aspects of the device will be evaluated such as Quality (Assembly, Thermal), Serviceability (Storage, mPCI, RAM, GPIO) and BIOS/Firmware

Part 2 (for PC device) : Scala image

*** This phase is to build the Windows image for a particular Player model ***
Most recent Scala image are based on Windows Embedded 7P.
Think of it as a pre-installed, pre-tested and almost fully configured System.
All systems Drivers are been tested – especially the Graphic driver – for stability and performance.
Scala components are already pre-installed (Scala Player, Python, Flash) and could be remotely updated through Scala Content Manager.
Drive Partitioning is in place to separate OS/System from Data files.
Various shortcuts are available to help you finishing the configuration.
BIOS is also fine tuned for maximize stability and performance.

Scala Platform Partner may have the ability to pre-load Scala image and BIOS prior shipping.

Part 2 (for Android device) : Scala Android Player

*** This part is to develop and make sure that the Scala Player APK will behave properly ***
Most important requirements being :
– 24/7 stable playback
– System monitoring
– Remote system upgrade
This phase requires the involvement of Scala and Partner’s R&D teams.

Part 3 : System Performance/Stability

*** This last phase is to make the player and its image is stable, and to assess its performance ***

Our team has set various testing methods to assess the final stability and performance of a Player device in order to know what unit(s) will be suitable based on your content requirements.

2: Are all Player devices from a Scala Platform Partner certified ?

No, a Player device can be called Scala Certified when :
– It has passed all tests mentioned above (in such case, it will appear in the Scala Certified Player list on
– It is loaded with – for PC Device – the Scala image (and eventually BIOS) – for Android device – the Scala APK with Scala supported Firmware

3: Why should I choose a Scala Certified Media Player ?

– guarantee of quality : long term testing of combined software/hardware solution to offer additional stability and quality guarantees
– faster tests and deployment : with the optimized BIOS and Scala image pre-loaded with its system settings, the unit is ready to be used & deployed.
– better support : Scala support team can easily reproduce issues on the fields based on the exact same configuration

4: Does Scala Certified Media Player include Scala Player (PC/Android) License ?

No, Scala license shall be purchased through your usual Scala contact.