TrumediaTruMedia Technologies provides real-time, automated audience measurement and proactive marketing solutions for out-of-home displays. The company has developed leading-edge technology that measures visual attention and exposure towards media, advertising and merchandise on out-of-home digital signage, displays and posters. TruMedia’s solutions make it possible to positively impact consumers’ purchasing decisions by proactively changing content to deliver the right content to the right audience at the right time and at the right place.

TruMedia’s AlliO solution provides critical data on the number, gender, and age group of viewers watching out-of-home displays by using advanced video analytics technology to track viewer’s faces. Advertising effectiveness can be easily measured as AlliO provides information regarding the number of viewers who watched your advertisement, how long they watched it for and the demographic characteristics of that audience.

TruMedia is fully respectful of the audience’s privacy: no images are ever recorded, and no uniquely identifiable data is extracted.

TruMedia enables advertisers to:

  1. Measure advertising effectiveness of out-of-home displays
  2. Make educated decisions regarding advertising content
  3. Adapt content in real-time to audience size & demographics
  4. Optimize the placement of displays for maximum exposure
  5. Calculate Return on Investment (ROI)

DSIQDS-IQ’s technology optimizes shopper marketing to improve sales lift and shopping experience. With minimal implementation effort, retailers can combine shopper purchase history and real-time response to deliver micro-targeting on a mass scale. Retailers deliver the right messages, to the right shoppers, at the right places. Shoppers receive the most relevant offers and have more satisfying trips.

DS-IQ’s software enables marketers to reach shoppers along the path to purchase. This includes in-store through digital signage and kiosks; at-home through direct mail, email, and e-circulars; and mobile through SMS, apps and mobile sites.

Shopper marketing is increasingly multi-channel and segment-based, but only DS-IQ’s engine integrates multi-channels and personalizes offers using both chronological and up-to-the-minute shopper data. Marketers gain coordinated, continuous growth in ROI and lifetime value of shopper relationships.

DS-IQ has served over a dozen leading retailers and over one hundred consumer product marketers. Retailers and marketers use DS-IQ optimization to drive the right messages to the right shoppers at the right times for over 100 million shoppers a week.

DS-IQ works with Scala to deliver exceptional results for clients. Together we continually innovate to push the state of the art for in-store digital media. Our best-in-class solutions drive revenue growth for clients with intelligent scheduling and delivery of digital in-store campaigns.

  1. Optimizes digital campaigns to improve sales lift and shopping experience
  2. Powers multi-channel marketing—in-store, at-home and mobile delivery
  3. Combines shopper purchase history and real-time response
  4. Delivers continuously higher ROI

TCIT LogoTCIT is the leading provider of face, voice, and color biometrics. Our world-class accuracy, flexibility, operating system compatibility, and ease-of-use make our software the right choice for retail, access control, time and attendance, surveillance, blacklist/VIP management and numerous other applications.

TCIT Media collects, recognizes, and analyzes shopper demographics, display dwell time, and customer traffic patterns. TCIT Media helps advertisers leverage face detection, age, and gender demographics to provide evidence-based data mining and dynamic decision-making. TCIT Media is designed for retail, digital signage hardware and software providers, digital out-of-home media providers and operators, CMS (Content Management System) providers, and surveillance solution integrators. TCIT Media works as stand-alone software and SDKs for extended applications and custom program integration. Metrics captured and content triggers include:

  • Demographics: Measure and segment customers by age and gender
  • Traffic: Accurately count the number of customers, excluding staff members
  • Shopping Time: Measure in-store stay by tracking shopper from entrance to exit
  • Dwell Time: Measure effectiveness of sales clerk and promotions by length of customer dwell time in front of check-out areas and displays
  • Apparel Color Detection: Collect apparel colors for use in interactive marketing, color trend analysis, and fashion trend projections

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Empire_Logo_200px Zero-In is a leading Scala partner with over 15 years of digital media solutions integration and network operation experience.

Zero-In is a unique one-stop solutions provider that can assist clients with an entire project from start to finish including network design, system implementation, content design, data integration, licensed content services and on-going network support. Zero-In works with firms of all sizes from the SMB market to some of the world’s largest and most prestigious brands including Discover Card, Macy’s, Equinox Health Clubs, General Growth Properties, ShopRite Supermarkets and Mall of America. Our firm has significant experience in multiple verticals such as retail banking, grocery, general retail, education, food service and hospitality.

Zero-In provides the following solutions:

Digital Signage
Interactive Displays & Tablets
Overhead Music
On-Hold Phone Messaging
Mobile Communication

For more information please call Mitchell Goss at 888.260.7291 x125, or email him at

Exterity produce market leading hardware and software that allows end users to harness the full potential of IPTV, delivering high quality television and video across their existing IP network.

This creates a system which is cost-efficient, scalable and can be controlled and managed with ease. As an added bonus, it is also possible to record and play back live TV, and even select which programs are shown, in effect creating your own TV channel.

Control over the content itself is provided via our AvediaServer platform, through which administrators can add or remove displays, switch them on or off and determine which channels can be accessed and by whom.

At Exterity, we pride ourselves on being able to devise IPTV solutions to suit any situation, offering the most diverse range of encoders and TVgateways on the market.

Companies from all sectors are using Exterity’s building IPTV solutions to train their staff, improve their communications and enhance their customers’ experience.

If you think that your organisation could benefit from an Exterity IPTV Solution, and would like to know more, please visit


  1. Deliver engaging live TV and video content to digital signage screens
  2. Scalable and flexible solutions
  3. Centrally managed
  4. Proven digital signage integration
  5. AV over IP specialist with 10+ years’ experience

Minicom Kramer Digital Signage Kramer Electronics has been developing creative solution products for video, audio and computer signal management since 1981. Kramer is an industry leader in product quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. With a full range of product offerings including our ProScale™ Presentation Scaler/Switchers, Sierra Video line of large format routers, Minicom Digital Signage’s signal extension, distribution and control solutions and our world famous TOOLS™, Kramer solutions are extensive. You can find Kramer products in a wide variety of applications – from simple solutions to complex integrated systems — from commercial applications to residential uses.

Kramer’s philosophy is embodied in our mission statement which reads – Kramer Electronics is dedicated to developing creative, reliable and value oriented audio, video and computer signal processing solutions, and distributing them worldwide with an uncompromising level of service and support.

That last part of our mission statement is extremely significant. At Kramer we believe our most important responsibility is to always provide the utmost in customer support and service. We are dedicated to building and maintaining the best relationships possible with our customers. At Kramer Electronics we pride ourselves on making the very best connections everyday…both through our product and through our people.

  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Over 400,000 screens deployed worldwide
  • Award winning analog and digital signal extension and distribution and control solutions
  • Worldwide network of service and support in 23 countries