DailyDOOHの記事から:2014年 Scala Inc. の業績が好調

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It looks like Scala may be heading for another record year in total sales volume, with the announcement that it is already up 25% over last year at this time.

“We’re stronger than we’ve ever been” Tom Nix, CEO, said in an exclusive interview. “We’ve added 500 customers globally. We have five of the top 10 QSRs, including Burger King in the U.K. and Wendy’s both in the U.S. and globally.

“In the financial sector, we have three of the top 10 financial services firms for both indoors and outside.

“And in multinationals, we have five of the top 10 fashion brands. One of our clients, Last Call Studios, used Scala advanced analytics for various different categories and increased sales in the double digits.

“We also secured two large lotteries: Norsk Tipping in Norway and another whose name we cannot yet announce.”

According the Nix, a lot of Scala’s business wins can be attributed to its ability to provide meaningful ROI through its advanced analytics.

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