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3 Quick Questions with Mitch Goss of Zero-In

By April 2, 2012 No Comments

Zero in logoIn-store digital signage increases sales by allowing retailers to communicate with customers when they
are making purchasing decisions. Mitch Goss of Zero-In works with retailers to implement a customized digital signage strategy that allows for real-time message delivery regarding products, services and pricing.


Digital Signage Spot spoke with Mitch about digital signage strategies for retailers.


DSS: Retailers are always looking for new ways to reach customers – can you share some of the innovative ways you have seen retailers utilize digital signage?


MG: Two things stand out from the most innovative retailers. First, digital signage is not a standalone activity. The best retailers look at digital signage, music and kiosks as one cohesive system – that is also in sync with their print and other advertising, and overall branding efforts.


The other big area for innovation is integrating digital signage with social media and mobility. Increasingly, retailers are blending these mediums. We see displays being used as calls to action that can be promoted on Twitter or offering coupons that can be distributed via mobile devices. This integration deepens engagement with consumers.


DSS: For a retailer which has never deployed digital signage, what’s the best way to get started?


MG: Planning is the essential starting point of a successful digital signage strategy. Start by studying customer traffic patterns and behavior. Customers will not stray from their normal paths or lines of sight – and your displays need to account for that.


Next, develop a content plan. Who are your customers? When do they shop? How long are they there? What are your message goals – promotion, branding, community or something else? Answering these and other key questions will help you design content that resonates with your customers.


Another important step in developing content is examining what you already have and how can it be used. Look at your web site, point of sale materials, social media feeds and more to determine what existing content can be leveraged.


DSS: What are the best ways to measure the success of digital signage in a retail environment?


MG: Begin by identifying upfront the goals of your system. You can take a strictly ROI approach by comparing the cost of what you are doing now with your digital signage investment. For example, if you have ten stores which each have ten printed posters that need to be updated every month – it’s easy to compare with the cost of going digital.


But you really should go deeper than strictly a cost approach. Look at how you can advance your brand and enhance the customer experience. A good way to measure against these goals is to interview your customers before and after you deploy displays – and compare how their perceptions change. Then do regular interview updates. They will help you refine your content strategy.