This Week’s Focus: Retail Digital Signage


What are key considerations in selecting display locations in a retail environment?


Location is a key consideration in making a retail digital media strategy pay off. You want to catch consumers’ attention, even for just a split second, so you can influence their behavior. But possibly even more important is how, from a visual merchandising and store design standpoint, has a retailer chosen to integrate the signage. Retailers that harness the power of collaboration between store design, operations, visual merchandising and technology have been found to be the most successful. While each area has a unique discipline, they all have one common goal – to engage the customer. In addition, marketing then receives a beautifully packaged instrument in which they can layer their messaging and interact with the customer throughout their path to purchase.

 - Marcy Patzer, Senior Director of Retail Strategy at Scala


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Robyn Connelly – Manager of Internet and Database Marketing