Beauty in the eye of the beholder… and in this Digital Signage imagery

By August 25, 2009 No Comments

By Dennis Ryan, Founder & Creative Director,
uplone Consulting


From my standpoint as creative designer by career, and a creative fine artist by nature, everything revolves around the visual. And when I first opened the case study for The Miele Inspirience Centre the most astounding aspect was its imagery. Don’t get me wrong, the story is terrific… but the overall imagery looks fantastic!

The Miele Inspirience Centre digital signage example 1

This digital signage installation, simply put, effortlessly melts itself into its beautifully designed environment.
Brilliant work by House of Media Experience and Troades.

The Miele Inspirience Centre digital signage example 1

Some may say that I am predisposed or biased to think this way because I work for Scala, but hands down… this is one of the most visually and technically impressive digital signage installs that I have ever seen. And I challenge you to find better.

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