Bright Lights, Big City: The Future of Digital Display Is Stunning — Mashable

By July 22, 2012 No Comments

“One of the most interesting projects we’ve seen is Westfield Shopping Mall at Stratford,” says Damon Crowhurst, senior director at Scala. “In there, they went really crazy with large-format displays.”

Interesting displays are key in capturing a shopper’s attention — with an overwhelming ambient environment, it’s hard to cut through the noise. Crowhurst says one of the ways his company has made an impact is by employing Christie MicroTiles– smaller digital screens that can be configured in any possible order to achieve a larger impact. He adds that this form of dynamic display is a step toward moving from the traditional “large screen” formats seen in older digital displays and embracing unique designs to convey information.

“For example, in the London Stock Exchange, there are five fingers of screens made up of a single display tile,” Crohurst says. “Information runs down all these fingers, and come together to display all of a particular company’s details for the stock exchange.”

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