Content Manager 5

Content Manager and VM

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Scala Content Manager5, Release 6.x; is tested for functionality under the following HyperVisor/Virtual Machine environments.

VMware ESXi/vSphere 3/4/5
VMware Workstation 7/8/9
Amazon EC2

With the following guest Operating Systems:

Microsoft Windows Server 2003R2 x64, 2008R2 x64

Since the Scala5 Content Manager is a combination of Win32 services and Java Application “Servlets” running under Apache Tomcat; any virtual environment which supports the relevant Windows Operating Systems will likely function.  However, since Scala does not have “infinite testing resources”, we must prioritize our QA efforts for the environments which have the most market impact for our customer base.

The PDF below describes suggested hardware configurations for the systems hosting Scala5 Content Managers in a virtualized environment.

Virtual Scala5 R6 Content Manager Server Hardware Sizing Guide