Tank & Rast installs the largest “Autobahn” digital signage network in Europe

 "An optimal Scala powered digital communication network that creates extra sales and advertising revenue and therefore has a great return on investment."
Helge Haarig, Scala

Quick Facts:

  • More than 300 locations
  • Gas & Rest Stations at motorway
  • Almost 1,000 players
  • Screens located at cash register areas, above beverage shelves and on center displays
  • Brand advertising, special value and special menu offers
  • Modernization of look and feel
  • Enhancement of customer experience

The German Autobahn welcomes many drivers and is the world`s third longest network of high quality highways. If you are one of the 500 million travelers who annually visit these roads, you have surely seen many Tank & Rast locations.

Tank & Rast is the leading provider of restaurant, hotel, retail and fuel services on the German Autobahn. They operate approx. 340 gas stations and 370 rest stations alongside the roads and make sure the travelers have easy access to whatever they may need to compliment their journey.

Tank&Rast - Behind Counter Cross Sell content

Customer focus

As a service provider, the primary focus of Tank & Rast`s activities, is their customers. They are focused on the changing needs of different customers, and adjust the services accordingly, enhancing their overall experience at the various locations. As a part of this modernization program, service areas have been remodeled and the range of services offered has been extended significantly. A key element in this program is the realization of digital signage.

Responsible for this implementation was ISS Intelligent Service Solutions GmbH who in only 3 months successfully rolled out the system, consisting of more than 3,000 big screens. High-resolution LCD screens were installed in the cash register areas, above beverage shelves, and on the center displays of rest station shops. They show brand ads, special value offers and menus with mouthwatering pictures of their various servings.

Seeing is buying

Tank&Rast - Menu Specials promotion

More than 300 restaurant areas were equipped with large-format screens and now a total of 980 Scala Players are managed by Seen Media to ease the communication and promotion for every site. This puts Tank & Rast in a position to offer their suppliers and co-operative businesses an advertising platform with a highly modern and dynamic image that has country wide coverage.

“The management team of Tank & Rast made a crucial decision by incorporating digital communication in their remodeling plan from the start,” states Helge Haarig, Sales Manager DACH at Scala. “The companies that worked together on this project are all specialists in their field, resulting in an optimal Scala powered digital communication network that creates extra sales and advertising revenue and therefore has a great return on investment. The Scala software enables the system operators to distribute, adjust and plan top quality messaging and imagery with the utmost flexibility, creating the perfect platform for Tank & Rast to reach their target audience.”

"Scala software enables the system operators to distribute, adjust and plan top quality messaging and imagery."
Helge Haarig, Scala

Tank&Rast - Service for business people - Internet connection offer

A study of the Association for Consumer Research impressively demonstrated the effectiveness of the advertising messages on the screens of Tank & Rast as the customers were clearly inclined to purchase the displayed product vs. what they had in mind originally. This high association between ads and sales is exactly the desired outcome of marketing.

With more than 3,000 digital screen channels, 290 city-lights, 100 travel-boards and many further possibilities for digital advertising opportunities, Tank & Rast stands out as a unique publishing partner. They represent a modern, effective way to reach both their own and other companies` target groups- around the clock, 365 days a year all across Germany.

Many involved

Tank&Rast - above the shelf promotions

This digital signage system receives their content centrally from ISS via UMTS connection; all screens are centrally managed and monitored. Disruptions of broadcast operations can thus be recognized and repaired quickly per remote maintenance. A network of specialized service technicians is able to repair or exchange hardware components in each location in Germany within 48 hours or less. This allows ISS to guarantee a broadcast rate of over 99% for the entire network.

The playback hardware was supplied by Philips (screens), Fujitsu-Siemens (playback PCs) and Kramer (signal transmission); the UMTS data network is managed by Vodafone. Scala software is used for powering and managing the digital communication network; the content for the digital signage systems is managed by Seen Media. Smart TV-Networks in Munich provided the concept, preparation, and management of the tender.


About Autobahn Tank & Rast

The autobahn services company Autobahn Tank & Rast and its tenants provide comprehensive services on German autobahns. For travelers on the German motorway network, the approximate 340 filling stations and 370 service area (including approximately 50 hotels) are a place to relax and recuperate. Around 500 million guests visit Autobahn Tank & Rast’s service facilities each year. Since privatization in 1998, the company has invested around Euro 800m, mainly in its autobahn services and petrol stations

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About ISS
ISS Intelligent Service Solutions GmbH, a subsidiary of the Intelligent Group, has been implementing large-scale IT projects for more than 10 years. ISS specializes in construction integration of technology into architecture and screen networks (signage TV) in shopping malls and large retail chains. As a general contractor, ISS takes care of the acquisition, financing, and installation of hardware. ISS also manages the IT infrastructure per remote maintenance from the center in Hamburg and using local service teams.

About Scala
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