Together, Scala’s Enterprise content management software, Chrome OS devices and Chrome Device Management harmoniously offer an easy to deploy, manageable, secure and scalable signage solution that is robust, yet cost effective for businesses of all sizes. Device Management for Chrome OS devices provides a secure, locked down platform on which to run Scala software.

By adding Google’s Chrome Device Management to the CMS solution running on Chrome OS form factors, companies are able to remotely deploy and manage devices, install Scala software, monitor the overall device health of the signage program and troubleshoot screens while collecting device health logs. With Chrome Device Management, Scala customers will experience all the benefits they are used to, with a more manageable and stable platform.

Scala Enterprise Player for Chrome OS Devices Now Available on the Chrome Web Store!


Scala Enterprise Player for Chrome OS devices is certified for Google Chromebox devices from major manufacturers, including mini form-factor boxes, and commercial-grade media players. Coming soon is certification for Chromebit and Chromebase devices with in-built screens.

Find additional information on Chrome OS device support on Scala Docs.


Power playback functionality with:

  • Rich, interactive HTML5 content
  • Smooth visual effects incorporating HD images, audio and up to 4K video
  • Extensibility via HTML5 and JavaScript
  • Multiple screen zones showing unique content
  • Ability for multiple videos to play simultaneously


Schedule complex digital content with easy-to-use:

  • Playlist control via conditional metadata
  • User-defined Smart Playlists
  • Sequential and shuffle-play
  • Time-table and individual item scheduling

Scala Certified Chrome OS Devices

Connection, Monitoring and Maintenance

Scala Enterprise Player for use with Chromebox connects directly to Scala Enterprise Content Manager, communicates over HTTP/HTTPS and offers maintenance statistics on status, heartbeats and diagnostic logging.

Scala Enterprise Player for Chrome OS Devices Now Available on the Chrome Web Store!

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