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How do I rotate the resolution for the Panasonic VC250?

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Update Intel Driver,

[1] Download latest Intel 855me driver from https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/10099/-Intel-Graphics-Media-Accelerator-Driver-for-Windows-XP-exe-

Set the screen resolution in the BOIS.

The interface between the VC250 and the Hosts PDP is digital and not analogue. The VC250 can fit into multiple screens. How does the VC250 “know” what is the native display resolution of the PDP? The answer is that you have to tell it in the BIOS Setup routine.

[1] Restart the system by holding F2 to enter the system BIOS.

[2] In the BIOS there is an entry for specifying the resolution of the Plasma Panel. There are three options: 852×480; 1280×768; and 1366×768. In order for the Intel driver to be able to offer you the resolution, you have to 1st set it in the BIOS. Select 1366×768 resolution for 65″ or 50″ plasmas, and 852×480 for 42″ Plasmas. Once the BIOS value has been set then that resolution is available in the “Show All Modes” Advanced Display Properties Tab of the Intel Extreme Video driver.

Update Driver

[1] Go into Device Manager
[2] From the Device Manager list expand Monitor and will see two entries. Do an ‘Update Driver’ for both ‘Default Monitor’ and ‘LCD Panel’
[3] Choose ‘Plug and Play’ for both ‘Default Monitor’ and ‘LCD Panel’.
[4] Reboot.

Setting Rotation.

Available options are: 90-deg, 180-deg, 270-deg.

[1] Set this from the Intel Extreme Video Task Bar Tray Icon or under the Advanced Display Properties Tab of the Intel Extreme Video driver. Right-Mouse-Click for the “Rotation” Properties.

[2] Once the Desktop has been rotated launch the Configure Player 3 utility. The rotated display resolutions will be available to IC3 Player in the Configure InfoChannel Player 3 utility.