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How to turn off Dr. Watson Visual Notification window on Scala pre-configured systems?

By July 22, 2012 No Comments

It is possible that Dr.Watson can display a visual notification window, which will appear over the Player’s viewing area. The visual notification can be turned off. Also Dr. Watson is not dumping mini-crash files.

The attached REG file will fix the configuration of the Dr.Watson on a the following pre-configured systems:

Samsung “USB-key” image

Fuelcast MI932F-image

EQUUSCS-Jetway NC81-LF Image

DTRI SA2000-image,

MediaVue SA2 and SA3 images.

NOTE:  Since a Mini-dump file is 64MB in size–this might be problematical on some 4GB-FDM systems depending on how such content might have been installed.

This can be remotely applied to a system, assuming that EWF has been turned off , via a sending the file to the player and executing a “REGEDIT /S pathfilename” Command Line.

EWF Instructions:

1. To _disable_ the EWF, type ‘EWFMGR C: -commitanddisable’, and then reboot the system.

2. Make any appropriate changes to the system.

3. To reenable the EWF, type ‘EWFMGR C: -enable’, and reboot the system.