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I am getting a Master Key error when auto starting my IC3 Player

By July 23, 2012 No Comments

Getting a Master Key error when auto starting the IC3 Player may be caused by Windows starting the IC3 Player application before initializing the dongle port. This can be corrected by delaying the start of the IC3 Player applications. To accomplish this you need remove the ICPlayerNet.exe and ICPlayer.exe paths from the Windows Startup Menu. Replace them with a DOS batch file containing a WAIT statement to delay, and then a START statement to run the IC3 Player applications.

1. Obtain a copy of WAIT.exe from the Windows Resource Kit or from an Internet site. As of 4/04 this site contains a copy of the WAIT.exe: http://www.vicobiscotti.it/eng/wait.htm
2. Place the WAIT.exe in the WinNT folder.
3. Remove ICPlayerNet.exe and ICPlayer.exe from the Startup Menu
4. Create a file called Startup.Bat in NotePad, and add the following 3 lines:

Wait 30
Start c:Program FilesScalaICPlayerICPlayerNet.exe
Start c:Program FilesScalaICPlayerICPlayer.exe

The above paths are the default install locations. You may have ICPlayerNet.exe and ICPlayer.exe in another folder path. Change it according to your system. WAIT is in seconds. You can change the 30 seconds to another second value.

5. Save the Startup.Bat to a location on your hard drive.
6. Right click the Taskbar, and select Properties to get the ‘Taskbar and Menu Properties’.
7. Click on ‘Advanced’ and select ‘Add’.
8. Browse to the location of Startup.Bat and select it.
9. Select ‘Next’, and point to the ProgramsStartup folder
10. Select ‘Next’, call the menu item ‘Startup IC3 Player’, and select Finished.
11. Reboot your system