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I want to launch an external program from Scala on a published CD-ROM. Where do I put the file on the CD-ROM and what path do I use in the ‘Launch EX’?

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When you publish as a Stand-Alone CD you are creating the necessary files in a temporary folder before you burn to a CD. In this temporary folder you will find a new folder named after your script. For an example if your script is called Foo.sca, then after publishing you will fine a folder called Foo. It is in this folder that you will place the file you wish to launch..

For an example the file you wish to Launch is a MS WORD document called MyDocument.doc. In the Launch EX “Command Line:” you will key in fooMyDocuement.doc. Do use any drive letters, volume names, directory/folder paths in the Launch EX “Command Line:”. Publish to Stand-Alone CD, and place MyDocuement.doc in the Foo folder.

This will also work for web links.