It’s the audience…

By November 5, 2009 No Comments

By Andy McRae, Director of Sales, Scala Canada

It seems like there is a new ad based digital network popping up every other minute. We see them in malls, airports, stores, restaurants, hotels, even hospitals; really, just about everywhere we go.

They all claim to be a "soft landing" for TV ad dollars.

Truth is, if we really expect advertisers to move dollars from TV, Radio or any media for that matter, we need to make it easy to buy. Stop selling the media and start selling the audience.

Instead of saying "I can sell you 50 screens in 20 different malls", why not sell the audience. Instead of a number of screens, sell a number of eyeballs; specific eyeballs. The pitch then becomes "I can sell you 100,000 pairs of female eyes, age 18 – 36, with high disposable income at the time they have money in hand".

Imagine how happy your client will be when you tell her that you are only going to propose locations to her that meet her requirements. She’ll be spending her ad dollar more intelligently. Spend less and get more!!

A program that combines digital media and static to deliver a relevant, targeted message to an interested audience is the ultimate in smart, strategic advertising.

You can use Scala's Ad Manager software and data providers like Generation 5 to generate and manage audience based proposals and contracts.

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