Last Call Studio (LCS) was looking to enhance its in-store experience by integrating digital signage into its strategy. But before making the jump, LCS wanted to be sure that they were getting a bang for their buck, and looked to Scala for a solution. Download Case Study PDF Here 

Last Call Studio

Campaign parameters:

  • Within the test store in Rockville, MD, Scala installed three sets of three, portrait- mode 46-inch screens near three sales areas: dresses, shoes and handbags
  • 15 clips per area were set at a repetition rate of six minutes
  • In some instances, clips were generic examples of the targeted product groups
  • Largest video wall measures 60m (195 ft.) wide
  • To calculate conversion rate (the Key Performance Indicator), Scala tracked sales and customer traffic data over four weeks
Analytics and results

In a review of analytics, it was found that the conversion rate for dresses and shoes had gone up substantially. Sales staff and customers who were interviewed said the digital ads inspired store visitors to browse the merchandise, try things on and often buy targeted items.

On the other hand, handbag conversions declined. In a revisit of digital media, Scala found that handbags were only featured in three of the 15 advertising clips. While lack of customer exposure might explain a neutral reaction, it didn’t explain a dip in sales. The conclusion: when in-store inventory didn’t correlate with the images being advertised, customer frustration resulted and the assumption that generic images would suffice was disproven. The sales staff attested that customers were paying attention to specific product images and then actively seeking the product out within the store. For example, when shown a specific dress on screen, the dress sold out quickly, when prior to that sales had been below average.

After better aligning digital content with store inventory and increasing frequency of handbag ads, Scala and LCS ran a second iteration at the pilot store as well as at a second store in Dallas, TX. Shortly after, handbags showed a positive lift of about 30%. Both dress and shoe sales also increased, and it was found that after seeing a specific digital ad, customers who sought out that specific item often purchased it on the spot.

By leveraging analytics to improve results for LCS, Scala helped to drive their sales results with digital media. Overall, it was found that displaying relevant messages at a sufficient frequency creates a positive in-store experience that helps achieve sales results.