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Mdina Media – introducing their latest Scala Certified Players at the Scala International Conference

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AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands – September 17th  2013. Mdina Media will be the main sponsor at the upcoming Scala International Conference and will introduce their latest Scala Certified Players at the show.

Mdina Media’s QS players and their latest projects can be seen at the upcoming Scala Conference that will take place on September 25th and 26th in the “Zuiderkerk” in Amsterdam.  As the main sponsor of the Scala Conference, Mdina Media will be exhibiting the latest Scala Certified QS series. This series consists of 15 embedded, high-quality performance players  with different features. They all share the AMD Embedded R-Series APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) with an AMD Radeon™ HD7000G integrated graphics card. Mdina Media chose MTBF components with a long lifetime, for 24/7 indoor and outdoor operations.

Mdina Media – QS Players
Different models of the QS-series are available. The QS1000 A is based on the AMD A70M Controller Hub and powered by an AMD R-464L (35 W TDP) APU. It has DVI, HDMI, RS-232, LAN and USB ports. The QS1000 B model has an internal power supply of 220 Watt. The QS1000 C can be equipped with a FirePro™ W600 or the Radeon™ embedded E6760 graphics card. Thanks to its multiple outputs, it can connect to six HD screens. To ensure the high graphics performance, an R-464L APU is installed.
The QS2000 models feature an AMD A75 controller hub and additional outputs: VGA and Display Port. The QS2000 C can also be equipped with an additional graphics card to improve graphics capabilities and multiple screens connection.
The QS3000 models can be equipped with an external or internal power supply. And they feature the R-272F APU and 4 HDMI outputs.
The QS4000 is a fanless solution, incorporating the low power AMD R-460L APU (25 W TDP) and 4 display outputs.
The QS6000 is a tailor-made player, which can be mounted easily to the back of a screen.
The QS7000 completes the range. This is the smallest AMD Embedded R-Series player in the world. It supports the next-generation LED screens. A complete overview of the series and the full range of products is available at

“The QS series is a range of stable running players that can be used for any kind of digital communication solution”, said Mdina Media’s CEO Michael Blijden, “We are proud to have a series of Scala certified players.  Scala embodies quality, innovation and reliability. The digital signage market is growing rapidly and Mdina Media’s goal is to be up to date with the latest software and technologies. ” Blijden refers, for example, to the DASH technology offered by AMD for remote control of hardware and content.

About Mdina Media
Mdina Media has more than 10 years’ experience in transforming leading edge technology into innovative embedded solutions. Powerful, custom-made and cost-effective are the keyword features for Mdina Media’s products.  Scala, the world’s largest supplier of software for Digital Signage, has chosen Mdina Media as its platform partner. Mdina Media is also AMD embedded partner, and can profit from the close cooperation with the technology company. Together with its partners Mdina Media continues to develop and improve embedded innovative products. More information is available on