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VIDEO: Narrowcasting at Zwaag Penitentiary – Department of Correctional Institutions in North Holland

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Quote from the Customer:

The completeness of the system and good technical support from Hulskamp are plus points for us.

Quote from our Scala Certified Partner:

“This is a fine example of the many possibilities Hulskamp with Scala 5 software can offer in conjunction with a good concept,” said Andre Versteeg, account manager at Hulskamp

The Challenge:

The challenge was to build a network in which programming and playback of audio, movies, cable news and live information feeds are combined where the Customer is in control of everything.

The Solution:

Scala Partner Hulskamp installs a Scala digital signage system with 300 screens in the cells, fitted with cable TV. Besides the cable TV system, the system also controls films and recorded music. The detainees are thus able to view information and using a specially written software, link Hulskamp music applications which play periodically during the week. In addition, three films are shown weekly. The system is arranged so that during emergencies with the push of a button important messages can be displayed quickly.

The Benefit:

In Zwaag Penitentiary, the entire “programming” of the screens is done in-house and they can even use the screens used for reporting emergencies, if needed.