ON DEMAND Webinar: The Neiman Marcus In-Store Customer Engagement Roadmap

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Be sure to watch this on demand webinar from Scala, Neiman Marcus, Microsoft and RIS!


Retailers face a unique challenge in today’s environment; In-store customer engagement has become a top priority as retailers refocus their efforts on bringing their stores to life. However, technology budgets are such that an engagement platform must have multiple applications to be able to be cost justified. In a fascinating web session, hear how Neiman Marcus is leveraging their Scala digital signage platform to create a high touch and highly customizable sales and marketing tool. In this session, attendees will learn:

  • The benefits of leveraging analytics as part of the digital engagement platform to ensure increased conversion & customer service
  • The importance of design in creating a seamless customer experience
  • How Neiman Marcus has built its platform to utilize different applications for different stores and departments
  • Unique ways Neiman Marcus is creating personalized experiences for its discerning customers


Dave Weinand, Publisher, RIS News


Ignaz Gorischek, Vice President, Store Development, Neiman Marcus
Tom Nix, CEO, Scala