Notes on Windows XP Service Pack 2, various other recent Microsoft Critical Updates, and Scala IC3 Release 7.2+

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Based on Scala’s internal testing to date, there are no known issues with Windows XP SP2 and Scala IC3 Release 7.2. On a properly configured PC, Scala IC3 R7.2 runs as intended on WXPsp2.

PLEASE NOTE: “On a properly configured PC!” Service Pack 2 introduces some system complexities with regard to Network Configuration. The IT Administrator/Technical User responsible for systems running IC3 should be aware of the proper TCP Firewall settings for their specific network.

Microsoft has published several useful “White Papers” and some helpful WWW-Sites/Pages on this topic:


Several “3rd Parties” have also published very helpful Web Pages on the topic of WXPsp2:


Other recent Microsoft Component Updates:

DirectX 9.0c – This is the current release of the Microsoft Video/Audio API on which Scala’s functionality depends. This update incorporates several earlier “Hotfixes” which were important for proper Scala IC3 function. This is a recommended update.

Windows Media Player 10 – This is the “latest and greatest” version of Windows Media Player. Its enhancements are primarily centered around:
Digital Rights Management: Transferring/(Restricting the transfer of) Music/Video files to other computers & external devices, (i.e. “iPods” and the like); and the support of Microsoft’s new Online Music Store. There is no functionality in this release that, as of yet, would be of any value to a current IC3 system. This update is currently NOT recommended.

“.NET Framework v.1.1” and the “.NET Framework v.1.1 Service Pack 1” —
Scala’s products currently have no need for the “.NET Framework”. Its presence or absence would have no impact on the functionality of the Scala IC3 Products. Matrox and ATI have started to use “.NET” for their video driver Control Panel Applications. Nether company’s video drivers require “.NET”–however their [Advanced] configuration panels do use its functionality. We have noted in our testing lab that the installation of “.NET Framework v.1.1 Service Pack 1” on a WXPsp2 system can lead to a critical failure on some systems. To resolve this issue it is necessary to
completely uninstall “.NET Framework v.1.1” from “Add/Remove Programs”; reboot; and then re-install “.NET Framework v.1.1” and “.NET Framework v.1.1 Service Pack 1.”

The Microsoft JEPG/GDI+ Parser – Microsoft has issued a “Critical” advisory for all systems running Windows XP. There is a defect in the Microsoft software that reads JPEG image files. Scala’s products do NOT use this Microsoft component. HOWEVER: Basically everything from Microsoft does use this software. Windows Explorer in “Thumbnail View”; Internet Explorer 6; OfficeXP; Visual Studio, etc. Due to this defect it is now possible for a computer to become virus infected by simply viewing a JPEG image. Scala
strongly encourages that “Authoring” workstations be patched as soon as is practical.

For more information: