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November 18, 2011 – Scala and StreamAlot collaborate to offer a unified background-music and screen communication solution

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MAASTRICHT, The Netherlands – Scala today announced the cooperation with StreamAlot, an international provider of background-music solutions.

StreamAlot’s background-music solution integrates seamlessly with the Scala platform. With this solution Scala users can quickly and easily add background-music to their marketing mix, offering their audience both a great visual and auditory communication experience.

StreamAlot offers professional pre-programmed channels, but can also create tailor-made, branded “radio stations” for its customers, including advertisements and brand-tunes, to emphasize the customer’s company identity. The low-cost, low-maintenance background-music solution of StreamAlot enables Scala users to unify sound and vision in one system, which is especially interesting in a retail setting.

About StreamAlot

StreamAlot is the streaming audio platform of in-store entertainment specialist The Music Marketeers. Their enthusiastic team develops innovative and affordable solutions that allow organizations to optimize the in-store experience through the clever use of audio, video and scent. Their solutions have proven to be successful in a wide variety of settings and countries. Clients range from Albert Heijn to De Bijenkorf, and from Praxis to Hello Kitty. Their ambition: to stimulate the in-store experience, so that customers will gladly (and frequently) return. The Music Marketeers has branches in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Hamburg and Warsaw. Additionally, they entered into partnerships with a great number of European companies, which allows them to facilitate pan European (retail and gastronomy) chains. More information is available at: