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October 26, 2010 – Toyota Dealership Rebuilds Facility and Brand Image with Scala Digital Signage

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PHOENIX – Camelback Toyota, a dealership located in the heart of Phoenix, is receiving a lot of attention for its recent renovations. It just built a 62,000 square-foot showroom alongside a 65,000 square-foot service facility with loads of added conveniences.

Toyota Dealership Rebuilds Facility and Brand Image with Digital Signage“What continues to make the biggest impression on all of our guests, however, is the digital technology,” said Kim McKay, Customer Relations Manager at Camelback. A state-of–the-art digital signage network from Unified Brand and Scala is one of the major components of the 22-year-old facility’s complete makeover.

The goal of building this showroom was to create an environment that does not resemble a car dealership. The new facility is equipped with high-end amenities, including free Wi-Fi, a cafe, high-tech media room, kids’ play area, outdoor patio and massage area with in-chair TVs. Accordingly, Camelback did an in-depth search to find a sophisticated digital signage network that would be able to match all of its other 5-star improvements.

The quest for the right vendor led Camelback Toyota to Unified Brand, which developed a digital network that offers custom content and a high-end brand experience. As a full-service media agency, Unified Brand has the compatibility to create, distribute and manage all content. Using Scala 5 Content Manager and Player software, Camelback Toyota runs rotating images of famous people, motivational quotes and custom-written “thoughts of the day” to motivate and entertain customers and employees.

The new digital signage system includes:

  •  Seven unique channels playing a mix of custom HD content and real-time news such as stock prices, sports scores and business news;
  • 45 Samsung HD screens scattered throughout the showroom, lounge, four-bay service area, cafe, new car delivery area, and parts and accessories department;
  • Two jumbo HD TVs mounted on a column 25 feet in the air;
  • Custom-built PCs;
  • Control 4 Systems to change channels and switch to live TV; and
  • Library of dealership-specific content.

In addition to the expansive fleet of flat-screen TVs that display Camelback’s custom content, a movie-theater sized high-definition projector screen dominates one wall of the dealership, giving the lobby the look and feel of a grand hotel. New financing deals, car accessory upgrades, service discounts, manufacturer’s specials and other promotions constantly rotate on Camelback’s network of screens to up-sell customers while still providing entertainment.

Camelback Toyota also uses the Scala system to run an ad in Unified Brand’s local community network of signs, helping to draw new customers to the dealership.

“We wholeheartedly recommend this system and the providers behind it to anyone. We have extremely high standards, but Scala and Unified Brand met them,” McKay said. They were great, and have continued to provide amazing service — even months later, as we continue to explore all of the possibilities of our new digital network.”

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About Camelback Toyota

Camelback Toyota is a flagship Toyota dealership located in the “Camelback Dealer Row” section of Phoenix, Ariz. A winner of the “President’s Award” for the past nine consecutive years, Camelback Toyota has been a national, regional and local leader in sales volume for decades.

About Unified Brand

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz., Unified Brand is a leader in custom digital signage solutions. Focused on auto, corporate and retail clients, Unified Brand also creates custom content, graphical elements with real-time scores, stock quotes and news tickers, video walls, projection/hologram design, and integrations with third-party applications. They also have an in-house audio-visual install team to provide turnkey services for nationwide projects.