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Princeton Medical Center Implements PatientTV

By February 22, 2008 No Comments

By Richard F Trask, Director of Public Relations, Scala

Princeton Medical Center recently implemented a new PatientTV
network to facilitate improved communications with its patients and staff, what
a perfect application for a digital signage network! The network delivers the
latest information on health and wellness programs, pain management, physician
directories, hospital events, local news and weather and general hospital
information directly to a patient’s room 24/7. Patients receive the latest,
up-to-date information in the form of media rich content that is not only
visually stimulating but also very informative.

One of the benefits of digital
signage networks is to deliver relevant information to the intended audience.
With a centrally managed network of screens, administrators have complete
control over the delivery and relevance of the content. New information can be
delivered over the network in real-time. Emergency information can be provided
in the event of a hospital emergency.

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