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Retailers opt for mobile POS solutions

By September 24, 2012 No Comments

Today retailers are updating their in-store technology to keep up with the new, technology-savvy customer. Merchants in particular have found that they need to have real-time POS capabilities to meet the demand for immediate consumer gratification. Scala is helping retailers meet these challenges with our Digital Signage solutions.

As the influence of mobile grows to represent nearly a fifth of total store sales by 2016, a new emphasis is being placed upon customer engagement in-store. The main goal for those implementing mobile POS is to create a better, faster and more enjoyable customer experience. In Japan, Ben and Jerry’s has used Scala digital menu boards to provide a new, attractive way to connect with customers and create memorable experiences. At 4food, known as the “social media burger joint,” Scala has provided customers with an interactive social board featuring twitter and foursquare check-ins to promote more customer activity and reviews in-store. With Scala, stores like these can keep up with the growing challenges of the evolving digital marketplace.

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