Scala and Enonic integration, updated information in all your channels – Easier and faster!

By October 6, 2009 No Comments

By Hege Bjørdal Kristiansen, Marketing Coordinator, Scala

Hege Bjørdal Kristiansen

If you are working in a company that sees the importance of a good communication strategy both internally and externally in combination with efficiency in every work process, you might find this interesting reading.

The challenge for many companies today is to update all their information both to customers and employees in time and to be able to continuously deliver catchy and interesting information.  Customers expect to see the same offers in the store as they just read about on the internet. Employees need to be informed about these campaigns so they are able to perform good customer service.

Scala’s Norwegian office has recently started cooperating with a company called Enonic. Enonic delivers award winning Java Web Content Management solutions for organizations worldwide, based on a product that is flexible, easy to use and committed to web standards.

Scala and Enonic have integrated their two systems on a couple of occasions:  once in a potential customer based presentation and once for a big Norwegian company.

Hege - enonic conference

The case is very easy to understand. As a marketing person for instance, you still work in the same program as you are used to. You are able to update relevant information on the internet, intranet, screens in the store and other screens for internal information. This integration makes a big change for the information flow in the organization. The information is updated easier and much faster. Many people fear to learn another tool in addition to all the ones they already use. For this integration, there have been a few changes done in the design so you are able to cross out where you want the information you just added into the system to show. As a part of the integration, different templates, pictures and texts need to be made for the different channels.

As our customer told us, their challenge was to give information to the employees that don’t use a computer during the day, i.e. people in production. They also wanted to emphasize some of the messages to all the employees and to show different kinds of information in different areas. Internal communication is an area of commitment for them because internal communication is a decisive factor to get satisfied employees.

From a marketing/communication perspective, the integration of these two systems must be God’s gift sent from heaven…The workflow in the marketing department runs smoothly, they can focus on updating the system they already know and it is time and cost efficient. What else can you ask for??