Scala Certified Partner Seminar in Norway

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By Hege Bjørdal Kristiansen, Marketing Coordinator, Scala

Hege Bjørdal Kristiansen

Competition and collaboration

In the end of March, Scala Nordic invited its Norwegian partners to a one-day seminar in Oslo. The seminar found place at Ullevaal Stadium in Oslo, where most of our partners are situated nearby. Ullevaal Station also, incidentally, has a Scala installation.

Last year we did a survey amongst our partners and a gathering like this in Oslo was wanted by several partners. Every year Scala EMEA hosts a big partner conference in Amsterdam (which is a great event and really cannot be compared!), but this one-day seminar in Oslo was smaller and more casual.


The seminar was divided into different sessions:

  • Scala presented status on Scala Nordic
  • The new partner program,
  • News from sales/marketing/services
  • And did a release 4 demonstration.

The last session was technical and more like a discussion board. In addition, a Scala customer presented their internal communication solution and Samsung presented their new product line.

During the day we had planned several breaks and a long lunch. Although the professional program is important, we thought the social part of it is as important, too. We wanted to bring our partners closer to each other. Even though some of them are competitors, collaboration is a possibility for several of our partners. They need to get to know each other better and have the possibility to share their experiences. The feedback we’ve gotten so far has been only positive. The extra time for socializing was appreciated and the partners definitely learned more about each other. We also saw that it was easier for the partners to attend a one-day seminar, rather than taking several days off and travel to Amsterdam. In total, there were 35 people and a successful seminar which we definitely will do again!

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