Flexible QSR solution engages with customers and provides additional income

A unique Scala-based quick service restaurant (QSR) solution, created by TelemediaVision, has been installed at a high quality Turkish restaurant in Aachen Germany, to improve the overall customer experience and provide extra revenue. A total of five screens are in use at Öz Urfa Restaurant to inform and entice customers with regularly updated meal deals, special offers and advertising from local sponsors. TelemediaVision’s flexible QSR software solution is based on the Scala digital communication suite and is able to create complex, database driven menu boards in minutes.

The owner of Öz Urfa Restaurant, Ahmet Yilmaz Kebap, said, “Nowadays we need to stay ahead of the competition. That means doing the best possible job for our customers. One of the ways we felt we could do this was to make the move from static menu boards to digital menu boards. I have had incredibly positive feedback from my customers, who really like it. It does what I hoped it would do, and yes, I would definitely say that I’m very pleased with my new Scala powered digital communication system.”

Four screens are being used at the restaurant as digital menu boards to create an appealing and visually exciting menu, including seasonal treats and daily specials.  Making changes to the menu is very easy as the Scala-based QSR solution is designed to be intuitive and straightforward for non-technical people to use, with libraries of templates and images that can be easily incorporated into the digital menu board within minutes. The fifth screen runs content from local sponsors who pay an annual subscription fee to display their commercials. The new system is highly valued by customers and is helping the restaurant to build long-term relationships with sponsors as well as additional business revenue.

“Dynamic digital menu boards situated at the POS are key in a restaurant for adding value to the customer,” says Natalja Boehm, Area Sales Manager of Scala. “By offering the right menus at the right time of the day – lunch menus at noon and dinner menus at 6pm – customers feel better served as that is the information they are looking for. In addition, the possibility to up- and cross-sell via our digital menu board solution has a big impact on ‘check size’ by featuring key food and drink specials and add-ons like appetisers and dessert dishes.”

Partnering Scala and TeleMediavision for this project in Aachen was De & Di, an experienced design company headquartered in Cologne, Germany.  “Our unique solution is offered through a certified partner network – a network that now includes De & Di – enabling us to extend our vision from a local level to the global market place,” says Ben Vanderstukken of TelemediaVision. “That means that a broad range of QSRs – from Ahmet Yilmaz Kebap in Aachen to large chains looking for digital menu board deployments across multiple countries or continents – can now count on TelemediaVision and its local partners.”

About TelemediaVision

TelemediaVision is a division of Step4Media. Established in 2006 Step4Media’s beginnings were rooted in the distribution of website creation and content management software in the US and Canada. Increased demand for digital media concepts guided Step4Media to get involved in the implementation of digital marketing campaigns within the restaurant industry. In 2010 Step4Media deployed its first digital menu board in the Benelux market. Demand grew quickly which led to the development of TelemediaVision QSR a unique digital menu board creation and content management solution that makes the product accessible from single store restaurants to large chains. Today the company continues to market digital menus in its local markets while extending services through its certified partner network. Step4Media has offices in Baltimore Maryland and Hasselt Belgium. http://www.telemediavision.com.