Scala is even more global than I thought…

By July 16, 2008 No Comments

By Andrea Waldin, Director of Marketing, Scala

AndreaSince long before I joined the company, Scala has had a tradition of keeping a set of flags in the
corporate office where each flag represents a country where a Scala employee was
born or holds citizenship. As a truly international company both from a sales
diversity stand point and an employee diversity stand point it is compelling to
display our diversity in such a fashion.

Sadly, as Scala has grown,
this tradition had been somewhat neglected, but Peter Cherna (VP of R&D) and I teamed up to
fix this. I sent emails flying around the world to figure out exactly how many countries are represented by our staff.

As responses started coming in, the first submissions were exactly what I expected; Norway, The Netherlands, Canada, Japan, UK, France, US, and all the other places where we have offices. But then I started getting submissions that I never would have known about like Estonia, Bulgaria, Morocco, Argentia, Jamaica, Malaysia and more.


By the end of  my quest, I had collected submissions from 21 countries on 5 continents!

It put a whole new spin on Scala as a "Global" company. We have always been proud the fact that we have offices in 8 countries, a partner network that spans over 60 countries, and customers in more than 100 countries on 6 continents (Antarctica just is not a hotbed for digital signage 🙂 – but to realize that the diversity within our own company was so great was astonishing.

So now each of our major offices have been sent a display with the flags for each country represented by a Scala employee. Below is a list of all of the countries represented at Scala. Enjoy!

Argentina | Bangladesh | Belgium | Bulgaria | Canada | China | Estonia | France | Germany | India | Jamaica | Japan | Malaysia | Mexico | Morocco | Netherlands | Norway | Puerto Rico |  Sweden | United States | United Kingdom | Vietnam