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By David Keene On April 02, 2014

The Scala Partner Conference kicked off Day One in Austin on Wednesday, bringing together invited industry experts, top Scala executives and data analysts, and Scala integration partners to explore best practices in the digital signage space. With a look at both the big picture of digital signage particularly in the crucial retail segment, and key technical and marketing issues driving in industry, Wednesday’s sessions offered a good look at the state of the industry.

Keynote presenter Bryan Eisenberg opened the proceedings with The Future Shopper: How Offline is the New Online. Eisenberg outlined how the shopper’s buying process is moving toward a more frictionless experience– the key word being “experience” as the new goal in retail is to provide an experience, not a shopping outlet.
To provide a top Agency perspective on how brands, retailers, and Ad agencies see that progressing, Manolo Almagro SVP Managing Director, TPN, a retail marketing agency that is part of the Omnicon empire, gave a very eye-opening presentation on the Future of Retail. Following Eisenberg, Almagro laid out a roadmap of where Agencies see retail heading and so provided invaluable insight into where digital signage and DOOH companies should be positioning their efforts.

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