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Scala 代理店が2015年度のDailyDOOH主催 Gala アワードに選ばれました

By December 9, 2015 No Comments

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Last Thursday, Scala Partners were recognized by The DailyDOOH for their achievements in digital signage at this year’s DailyDOOH Gala Awards.

  • Best QSR Deployment
  • Best Hospitality install
  • Best Original Digital Billboard
  • Best DOOH campaign


Best QSR / Bar or Restaurant Deployment

ITSU | Pixel Inspiration
ITSU is a vibrant and innovative brand and wanted their instore environment to better showcase those qualities, whilst also improving the experience of diners. To help ITSU, Pixel created a 3×1 menuboard system powered by Scala software, with each screen in the run centred around promoting a certain range. The content is centrally controlled and dayparted to ensure the key times of day have content strategically targeted to customer needs.


Best Stadium / Office Building / Corporate / Hotel, Hospitality or Leisure Install

hub by Premier Inn | Beaver Group 

HUB is a new hotel chain by Premier Inn, with the first located in London’s theatre district – Covent Garden. Beaver helped the HUB push their brand, leading the market forward using our Scala software.


Best Original Digital Billboard

Storm Cromination | Clear Channel UK

The six 96 sheets that make up the Cromwell Road’s iconic Cromination site are being transformed by Scala partner Clear Channel UK into 450 square metres of the most creative space in the UK’s Digital Out of Home market place, as ‘Storm Cromination London’. Its transformation into a digital stage, means advertisers will have the opportunity not only to dominate one of the longest digital sites in Europe; but in a UK first they will be able to add 2D and 3D structures to the site in order to create mesmerising urban theatrics. ‘Storm Cromination London’ is powered by our Scala software.


Best Digital Out of Home Campaign

Womens’ Aid | Digital Media Technologies (DMT360) & Ocean Outdoor

To coincide with International Women’s Day, London agency WCRS teamed up with Women’s Aid, Ocean Outdoor and DMT360 to create some remarkable digital billboards about domestic violence. They use facial recognition to recognize when people are paying attention to the image of a bruised woman. As more people look at the ad, her bruises and cuts heal faster, communicating the benefit of not turning a blind eye to the problem. Well done by our partners Ocean Outdoor and DMT360.

Big round of applause to the other finalists…

Best QSR / Bar or Restaurant Deployment

Gourmet Burger Kitchen | Beaver Group

UpLift Media | Sky & Molson Coors

Best High Street/ Mall / Supermarket / Convenience Store or Forecourt Deployment

Lloyds Banking Group | Pixel Inspiration

Best Original Digital Billboard

The Birmingham Media Eyes | Ocean Outdoor

Best Digital Poster or Street Furniture Implementation

The Loop, Birmingham | Signature Outdoor

Best Stadium / Office Building / Corporate / Hotel, Hospitality or Leisure Install

DNB Banking | ATEA

Best Digital Out of Home Campaign

Capital Radio ‘Playing Now…’ | Outdoor Plus

Best Interactive Campaign

#message2london | Outdoor Plus