Scala powers eye-catching installations at NEC showcase event

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222_edited-1 Over 500 attendees visited the NEC Showcase event at Battersea Power Station in  London on April 6. Scala powered various eye-catching NEC installations at the prestigious event, which was visited by Pixel_ArchAmany decision makers of large companies such as HSBC, O2, M&S, Odeon and BAA; as well as digital media organisations including clearchannel, JC Decaux and subTV, alongside representation from over 15 universities.

Scala powered the beautiful “Arch” that was created by Pixel Inspiration. The arch is built out of 6 NEC screens and the content runs across the installation. A true eye-catcher for every entrance.

AdaptaWall2a Another highlight of the digital signage showcase installations that were driven by Scala was the “Power Tower” at the entrance of the event. This set-up was driven by a SureVue D media Player and the content was supplied by Scala Partner SimNet, who run a network across the estate of Corbett bookmakers.

Last but not least Scala Partner Beyond Digital showcased the state-of-the-art car showroom solutions that they built and deployed for Volvo.


Picture Harry


Harry Horn, Marketing Manager EMEA, Scala