MEDI TV is a creative and innovative digital advertising channel broadcasting to hospitals in the Republic of Croatia. Created by POS Marketing, a full service marketing agency based in the city of Zagreb, MEDI TV provides patients and visitors with informative and education content about hospital services and expected waiting times. Patients and hospitals alike are enthusiastic about MEDI TV for its ability to efficiently and cost-effectively create an ambience that is fresh and interesting. Already installed in numerous sports clinics, university hospitals and general hospitals, MEDI TV is recognised as a highly successful new media and its goal is to install the service at all 35 hospitals throughout the nation.

Enhancing the patient experience
POS Marketing is providing 40” screens with a built in PC and also takes care of content creation, management and implementation, while installation is completed by a partner company. There is no charge for the service as POS Marketing believes in giving nonprofit, charitable organisations the ability to promote themselves and communicate details of their healthcare programmes. Upon arrival at the hospital, patients obtain a number at the reception or check-in desk and then go to the waiting area. Connected to the hospital waiting system, MEDI TV displays estimated waiting times so patients can see when their turn has arrived. The service provides a way to reduce the perceived waiting time since the on-screen content provides a welcome and stimulating distraction. With the content running in one-hour loops, patients are provided with the right information at the right time; educating them about pertinent healthcare issues and the human body, including advice for the prevention of illnesses and diseases.
Further content running on the screens consists of information provided by the hospital itself, including working hours and names of doctors within the hospital and on-duty. Leading pharmaceutical companies in Croatia are given the opportunity to buy ad space, especially to promote medicines that can be bought without a receipt, and charitable organisations can run adverts free of charge.

Providing infotainment
MEDI TV content is created centrally by POS Marketing using Scala Designer and includes a wide-range of media formats such as videos, HTML, RSS feeds, alerts and messages. Scala Content Management is used to centrally manage all content, and Scala Player ensures content is displayed at the right moment on the right screen. For ongoing maintenance purposes, POS Marketing utilises Scala Maintenance.

POS Marketing is an enthusiastic and dedicated Scala Partner. Marketing Director, Krešimir Švigir, commented, “We especially like to work with Scala because of its reliability, ease of use and scalability. We can effortlessly change the content of all hospital locations from one central point.”

MEDI TV is a smart, cost-effective communications channel that is generating positive feedback from hospital staff and patients. Patients benefit from improved ambiance, they also feel better informed and the perceived wait time is shortened. For more information, visit the MEDI TV Facebook page.

About POS Marketing
POS Marketing in Zagreb (Croatia) is a full service marketing agency. POS Marketing is specialized in marketing analysis, media, creation, PR and events, audio and video production, consultancy and outdoor advertising. They work with Scala for many years, having realized projects for among others T-Mobile, FINA, Hypo Alpe-Adria Bank and Focus Grupa.
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