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Scala’s Latest Release Offers Enhanced Integration With Samsung’s Smart Signage Platform Displays

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EXTON, PA August 29, 2013 – Scala a pioneer of the digital signage industry and leading provider of customer and employee engagement solutions, is releasing their latest version of Scala Enterprise, including extensive integration with Samsung’s Smart Signage Platform.

Scala Enterprise now enables easy installation, high quality display, dynamic playlists, expansive scheduling and player monitoring and maintenance options for Samsung’s Smart Signage Platform.

“We believe that the combination of our powerful and versatile content management system, coupled with Samsung’s Smart Signage  display technology featuring an embedded system-on-chip media player, will help customers create dynamic and impactful digital communication solutions quicker and easier than ever,” said Tom Nix, CEO, Scala.

“Scala has been a strong supporter of the Samsung Smart Signage Platform from launch and we are delighted to see deeper integration with the platform on the latest release of Scala Enterprise,” said Kevin Schroll, senior product marketing manager for digital signage solutions at Samsung’s Enterprise Business Division.  “For organizations looking for an affordable and easier path to deploying digital signage, Scala Enterprise delivering content to Samsung Smart Signage Platform displays offers a compelling, turnkey package.”

Scala has seen interest from multiple industries given the ease of set up, elimination of the need for an external media player, energy savings and other benefits to their customers. The combination of Scala’s powerful content management system and the streamlined Samsung Smart Signage Platform offers a simple and accessible solution for organizations that are new to digital signage, or perhaps not ready for a more complex network.

“The ‘easy entry’ model of the Samsung Smart Signage Platform, from a network management and total cost of ownership perspective, fits very well to the market trends that we see where end users are looking for an integrated communication solution that is easy and fast to install,“ remarked Peter Cherna, SVP of Technology, Scala. “The collaborative solution of Scala and Samsung enables end users to create and use eye-catching dynamic content on Samsung’s smart, LED-lit displays, using Scala’s proven, high-level Content Management System.”

Full release notes for Scala Enterprise (Release 10.1)


About the Samsung Smart Signage Platform

The Samsung Smart Signage Platform, available on selected Samsung commercial displays from this year, is an integrated system-on-chip technology that eliminates the need for an external media player.  It provides organizations with a streamlined, cost-effective solution to easily deliver dynamic content and messaging to their audience. Featuring a dual-core CPU, full codec video processor, and 4GB or 8GB of storage depending on the model, the Smart Signage Platform supports JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3, enabling the development of dynamic, customized signage solutions. To find out more, visit