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September 29, 2011 – Scala and Vix collaborate to offer a break through passenger communication solution for the transport sector

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MAASTRICHT, The Netherlands – Scala today announced the collaboration with Vix, an international provider of market-leading products and services for both the public and private sectors and a market leader of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) technology.  This combination of Scala’s digital signage platform with Vix’s technologies strengthens their ability to deliver Real Time Passenger Information on a wide range of digital displays.

Vix will initially be working with Scala to deliver their upgraded Inform content management solution, which provides the management of a wide range of display devices from an intuitive web based interface.

Inform contains all the features that transport providers require to manage rich content delivery to the public, including Real Time Passenger Information feeds, news, community information, alerts and even advertisements; all scalable from 3 to thousands of displays. Inform provides content management across a number of platforms including TfT monitors, on-vehicle displays and the company’s unique IBIS on-street information portal.

“We are pleased to be working with Scala to provide a unified digital solution to the UK transport market,” said Michael Hart, Head of Sales at Vix. “We intend to bring the latest developments in digital signage to our customers, to allow them to distribute a host of real time journey planning information along with other rich media to the passenger transport market.”

The collaboration between Scala and Vix fits perfectly in the strategy of Scala to connect to key technology partners who are leading in their business field and who use advanced technology for their projects.  The UK transportation market and the information needs of the transport users are rapidly growing and Scala and Vix can now offer a perfect, up to date, targeted and crucial information flow for UK’s travellers. The relationship between Vix and Scala will also allow for future developments and innovations to deliver additional advanced features to the transport market.

“It is great to see mature companies like Vix taking the integration of Digital Signage into their markets so seriously. Scala are proud to have been selected as their technology partner when there are so many other software vendors out there today claiming to have mature and reliable platforms, which is rarely the case,” said Damon Crowhurst, Senior Director, EMEA at Scala. “The integration of Scala software and Inform underlines that Scala is perfectly suited for a large variety of industries and usage purposes where business critical information needs to be communicated digitally.

Vix will be showcasing the Inform product at the Coach and Bus Live show at the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre on the 5th and 6th of October. This first major demonstration of Inform on both large scale TfT and on-bus monitors will show to both bus operators and the public, the strength of the joint offering from Vix and Scala.

About Vix

Vix is an international provider of market-leading products and services to both the public and private sectors. Vix builds market-leading product development and services businesses that develop and operate specialised, mission-critical solutions for the payments, telecommunications and transportation industries.

Vix has developed and supplied world leading AFC systems such as the Hong Kong Octopus Card, Singapore EzLink, Beijing ACC and the Melbourne Metcard and is a leading supplier of Real Time Passenger Information and ITS systems around the world including solutions in London, Cambridge and Wellington New Zealand. More information is available at