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VIDEO: Spectrum Interactive Airport Media Screens

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Quote from the Customer:

“This is a perfect additional product to our existing Internet Desks. We believe that our airport Desk Media Screens will generate new revenues for Spectrum and its partners, and help further develop Spectrum’s growing media sales activity. Our site partners are reacting very positively to the flexibility that we can offer to help promote specific localised messages (like airport wayfinding), and potential Desk Media Screen advertisers have expressed strong interest in maximising the link between Desk Media Screens and the Internet Desks.” – Daniel Gray, Spectrum’s Head of Marketing and Product Innovation

Quote from the SCP:

“We were asked by Spectrum Interactive to provide a digital signage software solution. It was really important that solution was centrally managed, had content that looked good, and worked on the screens. We are proud to have been selected to provide and maintain this high impact Scala project” – Peter Critchley, Managing Director of Beaver Solutions

Quote from the Customer:

The Challenge With over 600 internet desks spread throughout the UK’s busiest airports, Spectrum Interactive saw an opportunity to capitalize on the advertising potential of these prime locations. The Beaver Group worked in partnership with Spectrum to provide a digital signage solution which would attract users to the desks, support the airport operators and generate additional income.

The Solution:

The “Desk Media Screens”, are a set of PC style screens running various forms of digital media including flash animation, video and web based content, positioned close to existing Spectrum Internet Desks. The screens operate independently from the Desks, and are monitored and updated remotely in real-time using Scala, supplied and monitored by Beaver Solutions. The Desk Media Screens provide new opportunities for media sales revenue, airport messaging, and additional promotion of the Internet Desks themselves.

The Benefit:

For advertisers, in addition to the extremely high foot fall at these sites, there are opportunities to gain an immediate response through the association and link with the Internet Desks. Advertisers will be able to promote their online presence on the Desk Media Screens, drawing attention to their online marketing campaign, and the user can immediately access the campaign online, through free access on the Internet Desks. The agreement with BAA allows Spectrum to add Desk Media Screens, to their existing Internet Desks at all seven UK airports. 17 sets have already been installed across Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted, with other BAA airports being added as media sales are secured. Spectrum operates in 25 airports across the UK, and is also negotiating with other existing airport partners for Desk Media Screen rights.